June 26, 2015

Zero Cook Dates Energy bars

For the last in the series both for this month as well as this week's theme of cooking from my paired blogger - Sandhya - I chanced upon these Energy bars which she had made recently. A great snack to have between meals or for the kids when they come back from school or any outdoor activity.

I had made something else for today from my blog, but I had to make it for the kids. We all liked it for 4 major reasons : it was sugarfree, zero cook, nutty and healthy. 

If you still need a reason to make this, scroll down to the recipe below.  Sending this to BM # 53 under bookmarked recipes.

Prep time : 15 mins | Zero cook Setting time : 24 hours | Makes : about 18 bars (Medium sized)
Keeps : up to a week under refrigeration

  • Almonds  - 2/3 cups
  • Dates - about 10-15
  • Figs / Anjeer - about 3-4 nos
  • Pistachios - 2 TBSP (optional)
  • Raisins - two handfuls
  • Walnuts - 2 handfuls
  • Candied amla (gooseberry) - 2 tsp (totally optional)
  • Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp (optional)
  • (Yup ! no sugar at all :-))

Stage 1: 
  1. Roast the almonds, walnuts separately (microwave for 30-45 seconds) & cool. This step is optional but recommended. Lightly pulse them separately in dashes for 3-4 seconds till they are coarsely powdered but still have a bite. 
  2. Deseed the dates and pulse the amla (if using) lightly for 5 -6 seconds. chop the anjeer / figs into small bits.
  3. Now without adding any water puree the dates and amla into a coarse paste (if you have a food processor, you can process all ingredients at one go, but as I was using my mixer grinder, I had to add the wet / sticky ingredients & dry separately. Whichever appliance you are using, be sure to scrape down after every pulse - dont grind). 
  4. Now add the powdered almonds and walnuts and pulse once more to mix more (you dont want the almond to become butter so do it in spurts). Using a plastic spatula, mix the dry and mix several times. 

Stage 1 pics 

Stage 2 pics
Stage 2: 
  1. Now add the raisins, figs and give it a vigorous blitz. mix well til the oil from all the dry fruits mix and give you a good mass to work with. 
  2. Transfer the semi wet mass onto a lightly greased parchment and roll with a rolling pin as shown in the pics. Make a thickish square, seal the parchment well and place in a refrigerator for a day or two (I placed it for 18-20 hours). Cut into squares and serve. 
  3. It keeps well for over a week under refrigeration. 


  1. I have been planning to make these as well..so healthy and instant energy source!

  2. I remember these. HAve been planning to make them myself . the look yum.

  3. Very nice, such a healthy bars. Must try this.

  4. Dates nuts bars is a healthy version .. I have done these long back in BM ..pics look great.

  5. There is a 3 ingredients version of this - just dates, almonds (anynut) and raisins(any dry fruits) in 1:1:1 proportion. It tastes good as well. But. This looks a lot more indulging than its toned down version :-)

  6. wow..great energy bars..really guilt free..

  7. Did you really say no cook.....that's a dream come true for me! Plus all those nuts...what more to ask for?

  8. I bookmarked these bars from Sandhya's blog too, didn't get a chance to make them yet. Your bars turned out perfect.

  9. I want this energy barsm u r tempting me to make some soon..

  10. I love how you have added mixed dry fruits :) Definitely a more indulgent one than restricting it to three ingredients. Thanks for the mention and trying out the recipe :)

  11. what a healthy and delicious bar

  12. love such healthy energy bars.

  13. I had the 3 ingredient version on my mind for sometime now. Your loaded version sounds tempting.

  14. I had bookmarked the bars from Sandhya's space too. I had loved her choice of ingredients.


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