May 24, 2011

Sweet Potato Patties

Sweet Potato Patties is a quick party snack that kids and elders would love. Sweet potato (a wonderful, healthy tuber) combined with green peas (rich in Vitamin C), this crusty crunch snack is full of goodness and health. You may make and freeze the patty in advance (which I did) and shallow fry minutes before serving. I saw this recipe in a health magazine and slightly modified it with added fibre (peas). You may also add grated veggies like carrots, cabbage, spinach to make it healthier.
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Preparation time : 20 mins.  Cooking time : 10 mins. Makes : 6 – 8 patties
·         Sweet Potato – 2 nos (large)
·         Peas (frozen / fresh) – ½ cup
·         Garam Masala – 1 tsp
·         Dhaniya powder – 1 tsp
·         Jeera powder – 1 tsp
·         Amchur / Dry Mango powder – ½ tsp
·         Chopped coriander – 1 tbsp
·         Green chilli – ginger paste – 1 tsp (opt)
·         Turmeric – ½ tsp
·         Salt – to taste
·         Oil – to shallow fry (approx 1.5 tbsp per piece)
Covering : 
·         Maida / APF – 1 tsp
·         Cornflour – 2 tbsp (divided use)
·         Roasted Suji / Semolina – 4 tbsp
1)      Steam the sweet potato and peas separately with minimal water (preferably in a colander).
2)     Drain the water. Skin the sweet potato and lightly mash up both the veggies
3)     Add the masala powders, green chilli-ginger paste, turmeric, salt , coriander and mix well. Add ½ tsp of cornflour if you need to thicken the mixture a bit.
4)     Divide this mixture into equal portions and make into round patties (or thick long patties like in this dish). Cover with cling film / foil & refrigerate for 10 mins.
5)     Meanwhile, dissolve maida and corn flour (with a pinch of salt if reqd) in very little water to make a thickish paste.
6)     Take out the patties from the refrigerator. Dip them in the slurry above and a bowl of roasted Suji / semolina (You may use bread crumbs too, but I discovered that roasted Suji works very well).
7)     Shallow fry the patties in a fry pan with very little oil. Roast on all sides evenly till you get a fine brown crust.
8)     Serve hot with ketchup / sauce

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  1. looking good...sound different,still taste great

  2. this is an interesting recipe...nice patties

  3. good one. I make patties out of anything and everything. Specially any leftovers get transformed into patties :)

  4. lovely patties..looks yummy!!!

  5. Those patties look perfect. I'm sure kids will gobble them up.

  6. If yesterday's pic looked good, today's looks even better. Btw, is the sweet taste still evident or does it get masked by all the other ingredients?

  7. Absolutely yum, what a great presentation, love it :)

  8. I have tried combining sweet potato and methi to make tikkis. Your patties sounds interesting...It has got a lovely crust.

  9. Very inviting and delicious crispy patties,makes me hungry..

  10. I am so ready to jump and grab that platter, looks simply mouth watering.
    Thanks a lot for linking to bookmarked event :)
    US Masala

  11. That's really so tempting!..

  12. Thanks all ! its really a sellout dish, esp for kids
    @ Jayashree - the sweet potatoes' sweetness is slightly masked by the ginger-chilli paste. However if you dont add chillies, you can always add a pinch of red chilli powder or even a tsp of tomato ketchup.

  13. The patties look absolutely delectable. I do make patties out of sweet potato and veggie but never got a beautiful crust like this. Love it.

  14. patties are so inviting ki grab it now


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