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A 100-day Global Food Festival ,and also inviting Guest hosts for future editions of MMK

My Mother’s Kitchenis a series of food festivals held at this space which hadOne Pot Meals,Indian Mithai Mela ,Fasting Foodsin the last 3 editions. It now opens up its 4th edition with a 100-day Global Food Festival. Starting Sep 20th (tomorrow) , this runs through the remaining days of the year, all through Dec 31st 2011.  So, read on for more details…

Also, starting Jan 2012 , this series (MMK) is also open to hosting from other bloggers – do check out more details at the end of this post. The slots shall be alloted on a first come first serve basis to those bloggers fulfilling some criterion.


Firstly, why the Global Food Festival ??

American playwright and humourist Mark Twain said :

India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grand mother of tradition,

From the land of snake charmers and the great Indian Rope Trick, today the Global Indian is a name to reckon with – we carry our rich Indian heritage everywhere we go, but we also enjoy the local culture and celebrate with local food !!

So, here’s inviting all you foodies to a 3 month long Global Food Festival right here at this space – Sizzling Tastebuds . In Sanskrit, there is a term – “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” – the world is your family. So, the entire world is your family , and this is one HUGE, 100 day event to eat, celebrate food from around the world. As you dish out these delicacies / glocal (global+local) food in your kitchens, do send them across to this event – truly a global village for a virtual potluck 🙂

What comprises Global Food ??

Speciality Coffees, Pestos and Dips, English teas ,Simple & Grilled Sandwiches, Wraps  & Rolls, Burgers, Mocktails, French breads, Hummus and Pita, Cheese Fondue, Pan fried Noodles, Egyptian Falafel, Vegetarian Sushi, Mexican Enchiladas, Indianised Chowmein, Basil Bruschetta, Thai Green Curry, Steamed Momos, Orange Creme Brulee, Tiramisu, Chocolate Cheese Cake, Hot and sour Black bean soup . Whew !!  The options are endless, even for a vegetarian. So, get out your woks, bamboo steamers, cake pans, dessert menus for a truly International food festival . In other words, simply think global – all food outside India 🙂

How do I send my entries ??

As always, a short reminder of the rules on how you can send your entries:

1) Link your dish (vegetarian only, eggs may be used for baking) to this event announcement along with the LOGO above to the link at the end of this post OR send me an email titled Global Food Festival to momchef77(at)gmail(dot)com

2) Categorise your entry as Appetiser / Main Course / Side Dishes / Desserts and include the details in your post.

3) Please attach a picture (max 400 pixel) to the entry if mailing me the entries.

4) Entries are to be sent between 20th Sep & 31st Dec 2011 (closing – Pacific time)

5) Usage of the logo would be highly appreciated to spread the word.

6) Fresh entries are highly appreciated while you may re-post and link a max of 2 archived entries.

7) In case the linky tool does not work for some reason, be sure you pass me your recipe via email.

Let’s celebrate this festival with much fervour and look forward to your participation over the next 100 days !!

How do I host further editions of MMK at my blog ??

  1. Mail me your interest at and we shall discuss a couple of themes which you can pick and choose on a first-come basis.
  2. The basic criterion to guest host is that your blog be atleast 9 – 12 months old and that you have atleast 50 listed followers as on Sep 20th (the event launch date) : This is to ensure that the event garners maximum mileage for your blog 🙂

Looking forward to hearing from you all,


Kalyani Momchef



  1. Very nice event Happy hosting..

  2. Nice event! Happy hosting.. will send u some entries…

  3. Happy hosting Kalyani.. Shall send in some entries 🙂

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  5. Nice one Kalyani. Happy hosting.

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  9. great idea dear. happy hosting. will send my entries.
    Do check out my event and send me your entries.

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    Wonderful and exciting event. Will try to participate 🙂

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  13. this is a nice event and should be fun to participate 🙂 Will +ively send some entries Happy hosting dear!

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    Nice event. Will send my entries soon.

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    happy hosting Kalyani

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  17. Very Nice event. Happy Hosting. I'll try to send in my entries.


  18. Thanks for letting me know. I submitted Curried Couscous to the event links 🙂

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    Nice event and love to send some entries.

  20. Ive linked a chocolate muffin just now

  21. Nice, Nice, Really Nice…, Happy Hosting 🙂

  22. Priya Suresh

    Kalyani, i have posted my eggless dates and cornmeal muffins with ur event link by mistake, pls delete the first link if possible..

  23. KrithisKitchen

    Sent in my first event. szechwan noodles…
    Krithi's Kitchen
    Event: Serve It – Festival Potluck

  24. Wonderful event Kalyani. Will send in my entry soon. First time here 🙂 Lovely site. just loved it.

  25. @ Anzz – glad to have met you , and do drop in often !

  26. I have linked 2 archived entries.
    As I am travelling I cannot send any fresh entries now….wish I could.
    Happy hosting!

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    Just linked one recipe. Happy hosting, wonder ful event dear

  28. This is a wonderful theme! I just linked 2 of my recipes – Mexican Bean Burrittos and Italian Minestrone Soup – both vegetarian.

    Thanks for hosting such an event!



  29. Nice event. I love trying different cuisines. I have linked my recipe for Khaliat Nahal. These are soft and sweet Arabic buns which are filled with cream cheese. Happy Hosting.

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