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Hosting MLLA – Edition 91 !

Its the new year in 2 days from now !! and how the past year has just rushed by – so many developments, changes … its exciting to be part of the new year. And as Robert Frost would say “….Miles to go before I sleep…”

Its equally Exciting to be hosting Susan and Lisa’s highly successful Blog Event – MLLA (aka My Legume Love Affair), and the success simply shows in the edition its running currently – 91 !! I mean, isnt that amazing ?? A simple concept, and a linky tool. With Legume as a star ingredient..

I sure am happy to host this, Thank you Lisa, for the opportunity 🙂 This event is on all of January 2016. 

Lisa is also looking for hosts for 2016. So, should you be keen, check out the details at this link.

Look forward to all your delicious entries. Make sure you link up to Susan’s and Lisa’s page as well as this event announcement to qualify for the roundup…So, do link up all your vegetarian / Vegan (and eggfree) dishes with any Legume as the star ingredient – one entry per blogger per month 🙂






  1. Herbs Spices and Tradition

    Thanks for hosting this event. I have share orange lentil and carrots curry with natural color.

  2. janet @ the taste space

    Thanks for hosting. I shared the Mighty Migas. I didn't know mutton was vegetarian!

  3. Thank you so much for hosting and lovely to make your acquaintance too. I host a Eat Your Greens Challenge if your interested in participating.
    Just shared a dish, look forward to the round up at the end of the month.

  4. updated my post and hope to qualify…thanks…

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