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GF and Vegan Ecuadorian Quinoa Stew with vegetables | Winter Warmers

Winter is officially still on in major parts of the world, except perhaps in parts of the Southern Hemisphere (and of course the city I love in which has, say, exactly 4-5 weeks of chilly weather which we love to call winter :p)  

We are looking at dishes from the Southern Hemishphere this week, and in the last of the series, we have this amazing stew / thick soup from Ecuador that’s chock-o-block with quinoa and hearty winter veggies like carrots, turnips etc. We had this sometime last fortnight for supper and it was one hearty bowl of food. Hope you enjoyed the series of these dishes with Choclo Al Comino (Peruvian style Corn) and Gram Bouilli (a Mauritian black gram snack). 

Although I prefer using local produce, quinoa is one grain(?) that I love to use often as its so versatile and lends itself in place of rice beautifully. I had to use a bag of quinoa that was lying in the kitchen and this soup for this theme fit like a glove. 

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Today, we have Ecuadorian Quinoa Stew with veggies, adapted from here

Let’s get to the recipe:

Prep time  – 15 mins, Cook time  – 15 mins, Serves – 3



Tri coloured quinoa – 1 cup (you could use any variety)

Winter veggies – cut into chunks (I used orange carrots, Turnips, cauliflower and sweet potatoes) ~ approx 1 cup – I microwaved them for 5 mins with a pinch of salt.

Veg stock – 2 cups

Salt and pepper – to taste

Tomato puree – 3 TBSP

Olive oil – 1 tsp

Dry Coriander powder – 1 TBSP 

Onions – 1 medium (minced fine)

Garlic – 3 pods (medium) – grated

Smoked paprika – 1/2 tsp ( I used red chilli powder)

How to:

Wash quinoa in 3 changes of water. Soak for 5 mins. Drain. 

In a soup pot, add the oil. Sauté Onions and garlic till onions turn slightly brownish. Add the soaked and drained quinoa, veggies and rest of the stuff except paprika. 

Let it simmer away for 10 mins till veggies are cooked but not mushy. 

Mash a few of the potatoes to give it a chunky, hearty texture like a soup (this step is completely optional, else the consistency would be like a normal soup)

Add paprika, adjust spices and serve hot/warm



  1. Varada's Kitchen

    Quinoa is the perfect grain for stews. Goes well with any vegetable combination.

  2. vaishali sabnani

    That’s a wholesome bowl of soup , turnips have a unique flavour , never used them in a soup , but sounds great .

  3. MySpicyKitchen

    That is a hearty and wholesome winter soup.

  4. That's surely a warming soup and great for the winters we…

  5. A wholesome meal and a Perfect bowl for the weather here!

  6. That is such a delicious and nutritious quinoa stew from Ecuador. Love the addition of veggies – makes it hearty and filling. Perfect for chilly winter days.

  7. That wholesome stew is calling me. For the temperatures we are having right now, this is a must have.

  8. A perfect stew for the chilly winters here and it is healthy too!!

  9. Such a lovely one, would love to try this sometime

  10. Suma Gandlur

    That is one filling stew, perfect for chilly weather.

  11. Suma Gandlur

    That is one filling stew, perfect for chilly weather.

  12. Gayathri Kumar

    Such a filing healthy soup for a chiily evening. With all the veggies and quinoa this one must taste amazing.

  13. cookwithrenu

    A very filling and a hearty stew with additions of veggies in it.

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