July 27, 2020

Ragi Thinai Dosa | NO RICE DOSA | Diabetic friendly Foxtail millet Ragi Dosa | Gluten Free, Vegan Dosa

Ragi Thinai Dosa is a Rice - Free , gluten Free, Vegan Dosa . This is a diabetic friendly dosa / crepe that is made often at home. Introducing Ragi (finger millet / nachni) to kids at an young age is imperative for the calcium content it boasts of, and dosas are the easiest way to sneak this in right ? 

I have GF and vegan Ragi Choco chip pancake which my younger one loves for her Sunday breakfast and also instant Cucumber Dosa (which is my preferred dosa any day). Other Ragi based Recipes include Mini Stuffed Ragi Masala Dosa.

If you are just venturing into millets, do check out various ways to use millets from One Pot Meals  to Dosa, Idli  Upma , Pongal to Millet Cakes

This is a similar pancake /dosa which doesn’t require too much prep time.except for soaking the millets and grinding them. The dark colour of the dosas could be a little getting used to. But once you like the taste, it is totally yum. I have used Whole Ragi (whole millet) to make this. Served here is Chettinad style Khara Chutney which is the perfect foil to this dosa. 

I have about 20+ varieties of Dosa on the blog, and Priya asked us to make any kid of Dosa for this week’s edition of #DosaDen at FMBH. I am particularly in love with her Broccoli Masala Dosa - a delicious twist to the popular masala dosa. Let’s get to see how to make this delicious dosa.

Prep time - 15 mins, Soaking time - 6 to 8 hours ;  
Grinding time - 30 mins , Fermentation time - 10 to 12 hours
Makes ~ 15 to 20 Dosa

1 cup = 200 ml


You need:
Whole ragi / nachni grains - 1 cup  
Thinai / Foxtail millet - 1 cup
Urad dal - 3/4 cup
Methi seeds / fenugreek seeds - 1/2 tsp
Salt - 1 tsp
Red poha / brown poha - 2 TBSP (optional but recommended)
Oil - to make the dosa.

How to:

  • Wash the ragi well. Soak the ragi and the foxtail millet in separate containers for 6 hours. Soak urad dal with the poha and methi seeds separately for 4 hours.  
  • Grind the Urad dal + methi + poha mixture well into a smooth paste. Transfer to a bowl. 
  • Grind the ragi and foxtail millet separately into slightly coarse batters. 
  • Mix all 3 batters and mix well with your hand or a whisk thoroughly. Add salt and mix again, ensuring the batters are well mixed in. Cover the container and ferment overnight. 
  • Next morning, mix the fermented batter again. Add 1-2 tsp of water if its too thick (I didn’t add). Adjust consistency to a pouring dosa batter texture. 
  • Grease a cast iron tava (skillet) well. pour a ladle full of batter and spread to a dosa (don’t make it too thin or thick). Drizzle little oil around the sides. Let it cook golden. Flip and cook for 10 more seconds. 
  • Serve hot with any chutney. We had with Chettinad style Khara Chutney  


  1. The dosas look absolutely delicious, crisp and inviting! A great way to consume millets. I usually make either ragi dosa or foxtail millet dosa - the next time, will try out your variation with both of these.

    1. Thank you Priya. It was crispy and delicious :)

  2. I love ragi dosa as they taste so different and earthy too. I like how you've also added thinai. A good way to enjoy the health benefits of both the grains.

    1. we ove the earthiness of Ragi Dosa too, although kids are slowly getting used to it..

  3. You are a millet champ pa. Love the way you use extensively use millets in your cooking. These dosais deftly are urging me to use other millets apart from ragi maav :-)

    1. ohho!! that's a huge compliment madam.. thanks much.. :) just doing my bit to incorporate millets into everyday meals..

  4. Beautiful crisp dosa Kalyani. I have also started incorporating millets in our diet. Adding red Poha is a nice idea. You can gorge on these crisp dosa guilt free.

    1. Thanks Preethi - yes the red poha definitely adds to the health quotient..

  5. Your ragi dosa looks so crisp. A healthy and delicious way to incorporate millets into our daily diet.

  6. You are a millet queen. Amazed to see how you beautifully used millets in dosa. Loved this crisp delicious and super healthy dosa.

    1. Thanks so much, Sujata ! that's a huge compliment...

  7. Beautiful dosa Kalyani! The entire platter including the plate I want. As for the khara chutney I will check up n make it once the stocks of chutney in the fridge make some space for new containers.

    1. Come over, Arch! DOsa, platter, Chutney - all for you :)

  8. Ragi thinai dosa looks so crispy and inviting. Healthy, nutritious and power packed breakfast option.


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