June 11, 2018

Broccoli Pakoda | Easy kids snacks

Most moms have a predicament of how to feed their toddlers broccoli and other healthy stuff. I have a unique one - how to get my little one off the Broccoli bandwagon and eat everyday veggies like Bhindi (Okra), Potato. But she's stuck with her beans and broccoli for now. Well, I am not complaining except that off season , this veggie is really expensive in my part of the world. 
We had an off season crop this April when the prices dipped to what wouldn't burn my wallet, and then this dish got made. 

Vacations can be really demanding when the "I am bored" and "I am hungry" are repeated in a loop. Sometimes, I wonder what to feed them. I made just a handful of these pakoras, and before even serving it (the blog) with some sauce, these were gone ! I am sure to make them again with decent pics, but the taste was delicious. I really wish I had made some more of these.

If you are, like me and the little one, a broccoli lover, check out the following recipes while we head to the main dish today:

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and more Pakora (fritter) options here:
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Let's get to make today's simple yet yummy pakora. 

Prep time - 15 mins , Fry time - 10 mins ; serves - 2

Broccoli - 100 grams (broken into small florets)
Oil - to deep fry (1 cup)

Besan /Gramflour - 3 TBSP
Rice flour - 1 TBSP
Salt - 1/2 ~ 1/3 tsp
Crushed ajwain / carrom seeds - 1/8 tsp (crushed)
Turmeric / Haldi - 1/8 tsp
Hot Oil - 2 tsp
Crushed black pepper / red chilli powder - 1/2 tsp (skip if making for kids)

Wash and blanch the florets in mildly salted water for 2 mins. Drain under ice cold water and pat dry and keep aside.  
Meanwhile in a bowl, sieve the flours, add all other other ingredients and very little water to make a slightly thickish yet free flowing batter. Rest for 5 mins. 
Heat the oil in a deep bottomed pan till its moderately hot. 
Dip the blanched florets in the batter and drop them in the oil. Don't overcrowd the oil. 
Fry the pakoras in batches till golden brown (you may also bake them if you don't deep fry them, but it would take longer).
Drain on absorbent paper and serve hot as is or with a cup of tea / coffee. 

Sending this to BM # 89 under stuffed dishes. 


  1. Oh these are so good, I am sure the broccoli will taste great dipped like this..and btw so wonderful to know your kiddo's healthy likes..

  2. I am glad she loves Broccoli. My daughter loved it as a toddler too. Maybe you should freeze some when it is available again. :)

  3. How tempting those pakodas looks, i can have some rite now with some chutney aside.Its been a while i prepared deep fried fritters like this.

  4. Such an awesome idea to use broccoli. I am definitely making this soon. My kids and also me love broccoli and look forward to different recipes to use them.

  5. I am yet to try these broccoli pakodas. My kids love broccoli in any form and so never had to present it in a different form.

  6. Broccoli as pakodas would not only please a kid but adults too. Lovely idea Kalyani. Perfect for the monsoon season. We're lucky we get broccoli most year round.

  7. My daughter can relish broccoli only as pakoras and she never touches them in any other dish. This looks really good and with sauce it would make a great evening snack..

  8. While reading your post, I was relating my story with yours...same demands/tantrums but the difference is my kids don't eat broccoli. Once I made pakoras with broccoli but they identified and ate all except broccoli pakoras. But truly speaking I'm getting tempted to look at your pakoras :)

  9. Wow...broccali pakora.. looks so crisp and tasty.

  10. I am always in for anything that calls for broccoli, and this looks delicious

  11. though I love all sorts of pakora yet to try broccoli - these look so good and definitely will use broccoli next time pakora is on the menu

  12. Such a yummy Pakora with Broccoli..Bookmarked to try soon. Its looks so nice and crispy

  13. Its nice to see that kids like healthy stuff.I'm sure this will even please the kids who don't like broccoli!


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