April 19, 2018

Papdi Corn Chaat | Easy Street food recipes

Today's post is ultra simple but very close to my heart. It was made many months ago exclusively by both my kids. With the elder one taking the lead, and younger helping out it sure warmed our hearts to be served this impromptu by the kids. Needless to say, its more of a memory than a recipe and I sure didn't want to miss up this opportunity of presenting this in the street food series .

Papdi are small, thin wafer like discs (made mostly of all purpose or wholewheat or a combo) and deep fried / baked and can be used as canapés with various toppings. It also forms a base for Sev Puri one of the most sought after chaats at home. The toppings used here are corn with a tangy tamarind sauce. but any other toppings like cheese , chillies, crushed sev,, sautéed chickpea, bell peppers etc can be used.

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Assemble and served in under 10 minutes. Make your own and serve with love :)

Prep time - 10 mins, Cooking time - 10 mins, serves - 2

papdis (store bought or homemade) - 10-12
Dates - tamarind chutney - 1 TBSP
Boiled Sweet corn / american corn - as required
Boiled n mashed potato - 1 medium
Chaat masala - 1/2 tsp
Sev - to top
Chopped Tomatoes - 1/4 cup
chopped onions - 1 tbsp (optional)

Mix all the ingredients except papdi. place mixture on Papdi and serve. 

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  1. Blogging is all about sharing memories plus food. And this post is a perfect example. Give a big hugs to your kids on my behalf. The recipe may be simple, but it is the recipe made by the kids and for them. Awesome share Harini.

  2. Aww, that's so sweet of your kids, Kalyani. Kudos to your kids !!! Yep this must be recorded here right?? Btw the papdi chaat is one of my favorite and it looks so awesome!!!!

  3. Kudos to the kids, give them a big hugs, this is definitely a cute recipe for me. Delicious and dangerously addictive chaat.

  4. Aww. Hugs to the kiddos. It sure makes your day when the kids cook and serve all on their own. I should say they did a fantastic job.

  5. This is a stunner.. Anything with corn is my fav.. My corn recipes are coming next week :)

  6. When kids take the lead the dishes are always extra special.. they look yum 😊

  7. Wow! The kids have done an awesome job in making the papdi chat Kalyani. This is an absolutely delicious chat!

  8. Now we have Chef in the making ! Very innovative papdi chat , how sweet of the kids to involve themselves in creating a fantastic dish ! Lucky mom ! Hugs to kids !

  9. A different kind of topping for sev puri. So nice to have kids who love getting involved in cooking. In this modern world we have to teach all our kids the basic skills to look after themselves which includes cooking.

  10. Wow your kids have really done such an awesome job of making this chaat!..do tell them that they should contribute more..:)

  11. Papdi chaat itself is amazing and with corn it must be a healthy treat. Your kids did a great job, pat their back for me.

  12. Oh wow! This is a an easy recipe to put together and will work so good as a finger food for parties. Your kids have done a great job putting it together.

  13. Wow, the girls have definitely done a good job and they must have been proud of their team work. It is impressive that the little ones are involved and interested in the cooking part.

  14. Yes, such memories are to be cherished. Hugs to the kids. This is such a nice recipe and a beautiful memory as well.

  15. Wow.. looks so tasty and perfect for street food theme.


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