April 18, 2018

Oats Chaat | Party Food Ideas

After all the deep frying which was necessary for som street foods, I felt that moderation and getting back to healthy food was the key. As far as possible , I have avoided refined products on this blog and oats happen to top the list of healthy foods that we would want to consume almost everyday . As a recommended soluble dietary fibre especially for diabetics, it’s versatile, but somehow I can’t bring myself to eating sweet oats (in either porridge or overnight soaked form).

Although I do sneak it into upma or dosa or Adai or cutlets , I felt this grain offered so much more . I had bookmarked Harini’s Oats chaat the day she posted it and this was one of the first few dishes I clicked for this street marathon. I had made it earlier, but couldn't click as the light was very low.  So made it again especially for this BM. 
Both me and mom had this for 2 servings each, and we BOTH loved it. Thank you Harini, for such a guilt free, yet healthy chaat 

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As with most chaats, this is entirely customisable. I wanted to add a protein to this chaat (as I had this as a snack by itself) so added cooked and crumbled rajma (kidney beans)

One can make this completely vegan by skipping the yoghurt or adding nut-yoghurt.
I had access to gluten free oats so used it, else any variety of quick cooking oats will do. 

Prep time -10 Mins; no cook

Serves - 2


Oats - 1/4 cup
Cooked chickpeas or rajma or any other protein - 1/8 cup (optional but recommended)
Whisked yoghurt - 4 tbsp
Boiled potato - 1 medium (I added sautéed sweet potato)

Toppings (customise to your taste and preference)

Chopped onion, grated carrots, finely diced cucumbers, Deseeded and diced tomatoes, pomegranate pearls, sev or boondi
Chaat masala
Red chilli powder
Black salt


Dry roast oats till warm. Transfer to a serving plate. Add the potato, crumbled rajma or garbanzo, grated carrots, cucumber, tomatoes and mix well
Top with rest of the toppings , customised according to your preference and serve immediately.

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  1. Yes , I remember Harini posting this chat , even I liked it and plan to make it , but this time I wanted traditional Street Food .
    The chat is healthy and yummy at the same time . One can really play with the ingredients , good pick !

  2. Oats don't taste raw?? I guess they might taste about toasty. I will try out once

  3. More like oats bhel right? Love these healthy chaat options. Very nice Kalyani. Will definitely give it a try.

  4. Wow, this chaat is something i definitely want to give a try. Such a healthy and guilt free chaat food to sneak without any fuss.

  5. That's an interesting way of serving oats, definitely a crowd pleaser !!! Healthy option for chaat recipe, looks delicious !!!

  6. Such a healthy and guilt free snack Kalyani. Love that you used oats in this chaat making it so much more nutritious. Good share.

  7. Thanks for the mention, Kalyani. Adding rajma sounds like a great idea as well.

  8. Chaat with oats such an awesome idea.. Weight watches this is for us!!

  9. This is one healthy and delicious chaat. Even I don't like to eat oats in its sweet avatar so I usually make upma with it or a savoury porridge. this chat is a great way of including oats in diet.

  10. Love this healthy oat chaat. Would have not thought of using oats as the main ingredient for a chaat. Adding toppings of our choice makes it a wholesome meal.

  11. This chat with oats sounds excellent Kalyani, good one!

  12. wow such an delicious and interesting chaat with oats kalyani, healthy for sure but I think it would be a very delicious one as well.. This is such an interesting way to have oats instead of same old porridge . Looks so yummy and a excellent recipe choice !!

  13. Wow that is an interesting way to serve oats Kalyani! Looks very inviting and I bet even the oats hater would love this chaat!

  14. That is some guilt free chaat. I can have this anytime of the day. So innovative and you have made it so well.

  15. I would have never thought of making chat with oats. Such a healthy and guilt free idea.

  16. Such a guilt free and healthy chaat. I would love to try this asap.

  17. This is an interesting way of eating oats. I am definitely trying this one.And you have an impressive list of oats based recipes!

  18. Never thoughts oats in chaat. looks so healthy.


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