March 3, 2017

Vegan Chilli Chocolate Mousse | Easy Desserts

This was an absolute treat and surprise that my elder one put together all by herself. I am mighty proud that she has a foodie gene in her, but she truly outdid herself here - this was a welcome treat once me and the husband returned from a luncheon one afternoon. Even the styling & clicks are by her :-)

Its vegan, its chocolatey, its delicious and its got some heat ! what’s more - its got LOADS of love !! thank you my dear girl - may you shine like a star always :)

So, lets see what all went to this absolutely decadent dessert thats sure to be a party hit in you house too :)

Prep time: 10 mins ; no cook ; chilling time : 15-30 mins ; serves : 2 

  • Dark chocolate - she used cocoa bars
  • Ripe banana - 2 medium
  • sugar - 2 TBSP
  • cinnamon powder - 1/4 tsp
  • Red chilli powder-  a pinch (spicy variety)
  • Ginger - 1/4 inch
  • Ice Cubes - few
  • vegan Choco chips & Nuts - to top 
method (as she made it) ...
  • Blend banana,ginger ,ice cubes, and dark chocolate to a super creamy texture. Now add the sugar and mix well. Add half of the chilli powder and mix well.
  • Chill & Set for 30 mins.
  • Top with rest of chilli powder, cinnamon powder, nuts and choco chips

Sending to my own event Kids Delight - Chocolate Dishes and BM 74 


  1. Kudos Kalyani ! The dessert looks and sounds fantastic , the little girl will out beat you . Hugs for her 💕

  2. Wow so nicely done, I am sure we can expect many more from your daughter now..:)

  3. Wow.. chocolate and chilli powder,never ever thought about it :)

  4. Chocolate & chili powder are an awesome combo! Love it 😊

  5. Chocolate mousse with the spic twist looks wonderful. Your kiddo has done an awesome job! Kudos to her..

  6. Jr dessert queen in the making...awesome...

  7. That's wonderful Kalayani your daughter prreparing a delicious treat for you..lucky mom!

  8. wow wonderful dessert from your daughter... your daughter is already walking in your steps :)

  9. Wow Kalyani, kudos to your little one. That's one amazing dessert and such a lovely presentation.

  10. Wow kalyani that sure is delicious. Love it totally

  11. Wow Kalyani, such an incredible mousse, just drooling here.

  12. Now you have some serious competition in the house kalyani! Hugs to the kiddo.The dessert looks so good and lovely presentation...

  13. Wow, that is a yummy looking chocolate mousse. You have a budding chef at home Kalyani -- that's awesome.

  14. This looks very tempting Kalyani! Kudos to your daughter


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