November 30, 2013

Only Baked Treats - New Event and Giveaway announcement - all this December :-))

Been a while since I guest hosted any event, and Pari's invite couldn't have come at a more opportune moment. December being the month of Christmas, what better way than to celebrate it than baking :-)) I know for many including truly yours that baking is an stress reliever, a reviver of sorts to everyday mundane cooking… and an addiction for most of us.. Doughnuts, Cupcakes, Christmas Cakes, Breads, Yeasted Breads, Muffins the list is simply endless isn't it ?

There is something isn't it, to see the yeast prove and froth about, and knead those flours into fermented ones and bake those golden topped crusty breads, or simply the aroma of vanilla infused bakes or cinnamon topped doughnuts wafting from your kitchen, your own neighbor would think its already Christmas time even if you did bake in July :-)) So, don those aprons and knead those doughs and send those vegetarian / vegan Baked Treats to my event "ONLY BAKED TREATS" hosted right here, at Sizzling Tastebuds all this December. Any baked goodie will qualify as long as they are vegetarian and eggless - sweet and savory too..

Am guest hosting this event for Pari, who has created the "ONLY" series of events successfully. 

And to enthuse you even further, a giveaway is in order - a cookbook sponsored by Pari & TarlaDalal's office. Whats more is that you just need to recap the following rules to win that coveted Prize, as you use the Linky Tool (s) at the end of this post to enter your details. There are two Linky tools, simply to segregate those entries that come within India - meaning those that have an Indian Shipping address (and are therefore eligible for the random draw for the prize) and those from outside India…

Rules for the event:
1. Any number of fresh entries can be sent but only two recipes from archives will be accepted.
2. Only Vegetarian and Vegan entries accepted (Eggs not accepted please).
3. New and old posts should be linked with my event announcement and Pari's giveaway announcement.The entries will not be accepted in  case of failing to follow this rule.
4. Link your entries using the Inlinkz tools. Those participating in the giveaway (anyone who can provide an address in India) enter under  Giveaway participation entries category else link under  Non participants of the giveaway. Please enter your entry only once in one of the inlinkz tools.
5. Use of logo is compulsory as it helps spread the word.
6. In case you have a difficulty in using Inlinkz tool, mail me to ...(provide your email id here).
7. The giveaway is shipped only in India and only to the Followers of Pari's Blog. You can follow her blog through Google Friend connect or Google plus publicly.
I cannot win the giveaway being the guest host this month. Also, I will post the round up within a week after the event completion.

So, bake along and send me those Treats…and win a chance to get that giveaway !


  1. Lovely event. Happy hosting.

  2. Happy Hosting Kalyani! Will send few of mine :)

  3. Great timing Kalyani.. November being a birthday month at home - my daughter's and mom's.. I've made quite a few cakes the last week and here's the first one.. Vegan carrot cake - linked it already

  4. great event will surely link in recipe .Do link recipes to on going event at

  5. lovely event ..On going event at

  6. Hey dear can you please delete my molten chocolate cake from outside India address and add it into Indian address link. Sorry. For the inconvience .

  7. Hi I have added 3 of my entries Mini cherry pies, crunchy chickpeas and veg tacos to the event .Plz check


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