September 19, 2013

Poondu Podi | பூண்டு போடி| Garlic Spice Powder | Condiment recipes

Ever felt a laziness that envelops you that saps out all energy that you wish to curl up under a mattress with a rivetting book or sip on your favourite beverage. Well, that was my state last week, and I even managed not to cook for almost half a day, holding kid to ransom with a Dominos Pizza. Well, pizza is a pizza, and once those calories add to a burgeoning waistline, its time to hit the kitchen. But ahem, the veggies in the refrigerator are not too appealing, so we all settled down to a quick and nice little meal with Hot Steaming rice, Cumin- pepper Rasam and this Poondu Podi. Bliss ! 

After the Godhi Chutneypudi and Idli-Dosa Mulagapudi this is another addition to the spice rack, and garlic lovers will love this. For others like me, who like their garlic in invisible form, it was rather mild and flavoured well. The next day dawned (time doesnt sleep, you see!),. so I actually served it with some Tomato Onion Uttapams and sesame oil, and voila, in went the dosas ! All in all, a versatile Spice powder thats sure to tickle your palate. 

Lets get to make it.. While this goes to Alphabet P of BM # 32 and Valli's Side Dish Mela

Prep time : 15 mins | Fry / Roast time : 10 mins | 
Makes : Approx 100 gms, keeps for a month without refrigeration

Garlic flavoured Spice Powder  - Mix it with hot rice - Sesame oil or team it up with Idli / Dosa & Uttapams.

  • Garlic pods - 50 gms (approx 20-25 medium sized pods)
  • Urad Dal / split black gram - 1 cup
  • Oil - 4 TBSP
  • Red chillies (Spicy variety) - 5 to 7  (adjust spice)
  • Red chillies (Kashmiri variety) - 4 to 5
  • Asafoetida - 2 pinches
  • Salt - to taste (approx 1 tsp)
Peel the garlic and fry them in 2 TBSP oil till the pods turn golden brown on a low-medium flame (takes about 8-10 mins).Transfer to a plate. 
Fry the chillies in the remaining oil till they turn glossy (approx 1/2 min)
Add 2 TBSP oil again, and fry the urad dal too on a medium flame till the dal turns golden brown and lets out a nutty aroma (Be careful to mind the stove for the dal browns very fast)
Cool all fried ingredients.
Grind to a gritty powder. Add salt and asafoetida
Store in an airtight glass container. Use with a dry spoon as required.


  1. Can enjoy this with hot rice. So yummy

  2. This podi is surely a keeper ! Bookmarked..

  3. my mouth waters :) must be so good with white rice and ghee yummmm

  4. I am learning to enjoy the podi with rice and ghee. This one looks gorgeous.

  5. A great one for garlic lovers.

  6. Nice and aromatic podi.. looks great!!

  7. Very flavourful and my kind of spice powder,love it to the core.

  8. must be so flavorful with all that garlic

  9. wow such an flavorful podi :) loving it !!

  10. Wonderful garlic falvoured podi.

  11. This is one of my fav podi.Love to have this for every meal!

  12. That's a tempting podi Kalyani..

  13. Very spicy and flavourful.. Bookmarked...

  14. Pizza for bribe is a great idea, but I cant do it since no one delivers it to my new place - its far off from everywhere :(...

    But I guess these homemade podis will make up for the pizza loss!!

  15. yumm yumm...kalyani ippadi tempt panna koodadu....looks very inviting!!

  16. So flavorful and aromatic...

  17. That is such a flavorful, all-purpose podi.

  18. Wow that is a beautifully flavoured spice powder.



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