April 30, 2013

Hosting MLLA # 59 (My Legume Love Affair) along with a giveaway....

Its truly a dream to host Susan's  MLLA (My Legume Love Affair) at my space all this May. This is one event that has been so popular. Based on legumes, it has seen 58 editions so far, and I am so happy to host it at Sizzling Tastebuds. Thank you Susan, and Lisa (who is currently managing MLLA) for this wonderful opportunity :))

Wikipedia tells us:  "legume /ˈlɛɡʲuːm/ is a plant in the family Fabaceae (or Leguminosae), or the fruit or seed of such a plant. Legumes are grown agriculturally, primarily for theirfood grain seed (e.g. beans and lentils, or generally pulse), for livestock forage and silage, and as soil-enhancing green manure. Legumes are notable in that most of them have symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria in structures called root nodules. Well-known legumes include alfalfacloverpeasbeanslentilslupins,mesquitecarobsoybeanspeanuts and the woody climbing vine wisteria. Legume trees like the Locust trees (GleditsiaRobinia) or the Kentucky coffeetree(Gymnocladus dioicus) can be used in permaculture food forests.[1]
A legume fruit is a simple dry fruit that develops from a simple carpel and usually dehisces (opens along a seam) on two sides. A common name for this type of fruit is a pod, although the term "pod" is also applied to a few other fruit types, such as vanilla and radish."

So, you all foodies out there, what are you waiting for ? Link up your vegetarian and eggless entries that have legumes as a star ingredient. And what's more ! One lucky winner gets to win this prize that Susan is sponsoring this month, at her own expense, - cocktail napkin. 

The hurst bean prize can only be won by a resident of the US. If the winner of the random draw resides in the states, they get both prizes. If the winner lives outside of the US, they get Susan's gift and another draw is taken for the beans from the pool of US residents. 

So, to recap how you can send in your entries:

1) One entry per blogger - please link via linky tool. 

2) Legumes must feature as the central ingredient in your dish - and it must be vegetarian and eggless.

3) All entries must be posted between 1st & 31st May 2013 (the event duration). The winner and roundup shall be announced in June.

3) Please link all your entries to this event announcement and to Susan, the creator of this wonderful event along with the Logo featuring in your entry. Also to Lisa's who is currently managing MLLA.

4) Once you have linked your entry, please leave a note under this event announcement along with your name and Country of residence.

5) Non bloggers can also send in entries. Mail them to momchef77@gmail.com. In case you have difficulty linking your entries via linky tool, please do ping me at the same ID.

Look forward to all your yummilicious entries,



20 Foodie Comments:

Padmajha PJ on May 01, 2013 said...

Happy hosting Kalyani. You have an entry from me for sure :)

Nabanita Das on May 01, 2013 said...

Happy hosting... hope to participate Dear...

Meena Selvakumaran on May 01, 2013 said...

Happy hosting.Would love to participate.

Devi on May 02, 2013 said...

Hi! Posted my link of "Black Eyed Peas Curry" to the event.. Happy hosting :))

Name - Devi
country - USA

Priya Vijay on May 02, 2013 said...

Hi..recipe for Pudinewalla Masaledar Lobia linked.

Name : Priya Vj
Country : USA

Elizabeth on May 04, 2013 said...

Hi, I've added my recipe to the linky: Three Bean Vegetable Soup. I'm in the UK.

Elizabeth on May 04, 2013 said...

Oh, and my name is Elizabeth! Oops, missed that bit! :)

...:M e d h a:... on May 17, 2013 said...

Hi Kalyani, this is my first time posting to MLLA. My entry has been linked: Kolkata style ghughni. My name is Medha and I live in the US.

Deepika Jain on May 19, 2013 said...

Hi Kalyani. My entry Rajma Tasedaar is linked. I like in US.

Bini basheer on May 19, 2013 said...

Hi kalyani

Nice event...Infact a very rare theme dear...Happy hosting...I am a non blogger...But surely will participate dear...


Bini basheer on May 19, 2013 said...

Hi kalyani,

Nice event... Infact a very rare theme dear..Happy hosting...I am a non blogger...but will surely participate...


Meena Selvakumaran on May 20, 2013 said...

Hi Kalyani,

I have linked my entry,Lemon Rasam.


Preety on May 27, 2013 said...

Hi ,

Just linked my entry too..



Nivedhanams Sowmya on May 28, 2013 said...

Nice event... Have sent my first entry - Kaaramani Vella Sundal. I live in India
Event - Authentic Indian Sweets w giveaway
Event - Kid's delight - Sweet Treats
Event - WTML w giveaway

Nilu A on May 31, 2013 said...

Hi Kalyani,

Great event.. I have linked my entry - Moong Ki Chilkewali Dal

I live in India... Happy hosting dear :-)

Lakshmi Priya on May 31, 2013 said...

Hello Kalyani, Am Lakshmi Priya and i live in US. I have linked my entry - Babbatu|Poli.

Lakshmi Priya on May 31, 2013 said...

Hello Kalyani, am Lakshmi Priya and i live in US. I have linked my entry - Bobbatu|Poli.

Sravs on June 01, 2013 said...

Great event dear...Happy hosting !! Just linked my entry Spring Onion Channa Curry...Country : USA...

Avika on June 01, 2013 said...

Hi Kalyani,

I have added my recipe for Khaman Dhokla.


Name: Avika
Place of Residence: California, USA

Kent Sommer on June 12, 2013 said...

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