November 6, 2011

Roundup of CEDD Strawberry event and winner of giveaway

Happy to announce the roundup and winner of the CEDD - Strawberry Desserts event that I hosted this October. Thanks to Raven for this opportunity. Although I personally love strawberries, it was completely out of season to make any dishes out of the fresh fruit. I loathe the synthetic store bought crushes. I was very tempted to make ice cream out of strawberry essence, Diwali and other personal agendas took centre stage the entire last month. However, I have 14 yummy recipes sent across my dearest friends that I  present to you on the roundup ... Thank you so much and appreciate the effort. 

And the winner of the giveaway is Suma from Veggie Platter !! Congratulations Suma. Please check your email on how the prize is to be redeemed :-)

Hope you and other readers also would participate in my Ongoing events - Flavours of China and Global Food Festival with equal or better fervour :-)


Let's get on to the round up now..In order of receipt, we have:

Vardhini's yummy Strawberry preserve with no pectin at all.. how much more healthy can it get ?
Shobha's Peach and Strawberry Cake is surely a keeper
Sadaf's entry - Chocolate dipped Strawberries  is heaven come to earth delight - my personal fav with this berry:
Sukanya of Saffronstreaks has sent us two sinfully rich strawberry delights - Strawberry Phirni & Strawberry Sandesh 

Anzz has converted the ubiqutous pizza into a Strawberry and cream Pizza .. how innovative :-)
Amy from Food Corner has sent us this delectable Strawberry yoghurt Pudding cake.. truly mouth watering !
Strawberry and a cool yoghurt smoothie - that's a refreshing drink that Suma has brought us in Strawberry yoghurt here

Casey of the Bookcase Foodie has brought this Creamy strawberry Dessert

Nayna of Simply food has simply floored me with 4 yummy dishes: 

Strawberry Ice Cream

Delectable Strawberry Sundae
and Nayna's fourth yummy entry : my favourite Eggless Strawberry muffins
Whats a strawberry event without Trifle ? Riddhima has sent this mouthwatering Cheesy Strawberry Trifle

 Archana has sent this tantalisingly smooth Strawberry Custard / Mousse

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Vidhya on November 06, 2011 said...

wow what a yummy round up.. Love it

Sensible Vegetarian on November 06, 2011 said...

Beautiful round up, book marking the page to try out these great ideas. Congrats for the winner.

Vardhini on November 06, 2011 said...

Nice roundup Kalyani.

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ANU on November 06, 2011 said...

Nice roundup dear....somgratulations to the winner!

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Vatsala. on November 06, 2011 said...

Lovely roundup.

Event Announcement - MEC

Jayasri Ravi on November 06, 2011 said...

Beautiful round-up I should have sent some of mine too..,, I always forget

Kavi... on November 06, 2011 said...

lovely round up! mouthwatering dishes!

Kavi | Edible Entertainment
Ongoing event: Healthy Lunch Challenge

Raksha on November 06, 2011 said...

Wow, lovely round up, Strawberries are my favorite too :)

Sravs on November 06, 2011 said...

Beautiful and great roundup !!

Ongoing Event - Festive Food

Chandrani on November 06, 2011 said...

Nice and attractive roundup.

Sumee on November 06, 2011 said...

Great roundup Kalyani.!

Suma Gandlur on November 07, 2011 said...

That is a lovely array of strawberry dishes. And I thank you and Raven for the giveaway. I truly appreciate it.

Chitra on November 07, 2011 said...

lovely dishes...gr8 round up

Nisha S. on November 20, 2011 said...

wow wow wow so many options now available to use strawberries! nice event!

killerontheplate on December 05, 2011 said...

this is such a great round up Kalyani. i will definitely be trying the chocolate dipped strawberries.
I too made some eggless strawberry ice cream sometime back(, but noticed came across your even only today or else I would surely have submitted it.

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