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Baby Corn Pulav


Soups, Pakoras, stir fry, pizzas – you name it, baby corn features as a top favourite. Today, I made a flavourful Baby Corn Pulav – a perfect One Pot Meal. Got this recipe from a friend and sending this to my own event (One Pot meals) as well as Blogging Marathon’s Day 5 (group 2) – under “7 ways to use an ingredient” and also to Priya’s Tuesday’s bookmarked event.

This dish can be eaten as it is or with curd or mixed veg raita and is a wonderful option for lunchboxes tooJ

Preparation time  :10 mins. Cooking time : 20 mins. Serves: 3


·         Long Grained rice – 1 cup

·         Baby corn – 1 cup (cut into 2 inch long pieces)

·         Salt – to taste

·         Onions – sliced lengthwise – 1 large or 2 small.

·         Tomatoes – 1 no

·         Garam Masala – 1 tsp (opt. – you may also use Biryani Masala powder if you have it)

·         Oil – 1  TBSP

·         Tempering : Bay leaf , Cardamom (each 1 no.),  Black pepper (1/2 tsp), Jeera / Cumin (1 tsp)

·         Green coriander – 1/8 cup (chopped)

·         For the ground masala / wet spice mixture.

o   Diced Onions – ½ cup

o   Garlic – 1 or 2 pods

o   Ginger – ½ inch stick

o   Cinnamon – ¼ inch

o   Cloves – 2

o   Green chillies – 1 or 2 (suit your taste)

o   Cashews – 1 or 2 (opt)

o   Grated coconut – 1 TBSP


1)      Wash and soak the rice for half an hour. Drain.

2)     Grind all the masala ingredients to a smooth paste using very little water.

3)     In a cooker / pan, heat oil. Add the tempering ingredients and fry lightly. Add the onions and fry again till translucent. Now add the ground masala paste and fry on a low flame till raw smell disappears –this might take 5 -6 mins.

4)     Now add garam masala powder, tomatoes and stir well.

5)     Add baby corn, rice and fry again till the masala mixture is well coated.

6)     Add 1.5 to 2 cups of water (depending on the rice quality) and cook for 2 whistles (in a pressure cooker) or till done (in an electric rice cooker / open pan). Fluff the rice a bit to separate the grains ensuring not to break the grains. Garnish with green coriander

7)     Drizzle 1 tsp of ghee (if desired) and serve hot with Raita and papad


1) You may add green peas / carrots / capsicum to the above dish too to make it more healthy and flavourful. Also, a few strands of pudina / mint leaves may be added to the masala for a different flavour. Feel free to try out these options.

2) If cooking with pressure cooker, add hot water (1:1.5 proportion) to get a dry pulav / fried rice consistency


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  1. Pulav looks delicious and yummy
    South Indian Recipes

  2. Very tempting platter. Pulao looks delicious.

  3. that looks really good

  4. baby corn is my favorite. Can have this rice any time.
    First time here. following you. Hope you will visit me too.
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  5. Awesome pulav..My little one loves baby corn so much that I will try this one..Nice colour too..Tempting.

  6. I have never tried baby corn in pulao…Looks very delicious.

  7. Baby corn pulao sounds and looks very tempting..

  8. Cooking Foodie

    Thanks for stopping by my blog… you have a nice space here…
    Lovely rice recipe!

  9. ChitraChaudhuri

    Thank you Kalyani for this easy recipe, special thanks for the pressure cooker tip. I have always had a problem with overcooked/mushy rice, your tip saved the dish. 🙂

  10. I need a lot of recipes for my pressure cooker. Thank you, that's one of the most useful things I've ever read.

  11. that looks really good ! COOL!! thank you for your share!

  12. I like to cook this this, thanks,nice post

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