August 2, 2016

Round up of MLLA # 97

Thanks to Lisa for another opportunity to host this extremely popular event - MLLA - edition 97 (brainchild of Susan) on my blog last month.

Here's a quick recap of the same.

In order of receipt, we have
(1) Nupur's deliciously healthy Avocado Basil Pesto Hummus

(2) Lisa's tempting Spicy Tangy Tamarind Broth - perfect for the monsoon here:)

(3) Veg Hog's sumptuous meal with Roasted Potatoes and Sweet Corn Tortillas

(4) Siri's hearty and filling Pan fried Chickpeas Curry with Rice

(5) Shaheen's proteinicious Chili with Fava Beans, Carrots & Turmeric Potatoes 

(6) Archana's simple yet delicious Hesarkaal Palya (Green moong dal saute)

(7) Mala has brought in yummy curry with Butter Beans in a Ceylon based gravy

(8) From my own kitchen, Healthier & Vegan version of Missal Pav - a local street food delight of Mumbai

Thanks to all blogger friends for your participation and look forward to having you over for many more events on this blog



  1. Nice healthy combo of avocado and basil !!!

  2. Lovely roundup. Thanks so much for hosting.


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