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Growing up, milk and its derivatives (not regarded as a protein component but for its calcium) formed a HUGE part of our lives  : milk, yoghurt (in many forms – the ubiquitousCurd rice 🙂 , Raita,  Morkozhambu , Kadhietc), butter,homemade gheeand so on.

I was never and am not a coffee or tea person so milk was consumed pretty much in all these forms. Cheese was never my favourite, and consumed perhaps once or twice a year on apizza.Paneerwas and is still a delicacy and although the kids love it, I eat it just once in 2-3 months.

Till the vegan stuff happened. 

There are millions of persons who have given up all forms of diary and made healthy lifestyle changes in their lives, primarily due to the sheer cruelty meted out to farm animals to produce milk. And some purely for health reason,and benefiting massively.



Being a lacto-vegetarian, this was a change I was unprepared for. Of course, all these milk and milk forms have their plant-based derivatives including Rice-milk, vegan cheese etc. There are organisations and blogs devoted to veganism. 

As mentioned in my introductory post this Blogging marathon, I was and am in search of viable plant -based proteins. Although I am not a strict vegan (yet!), I restrict the amount of milk / milk products consumed and increase my protein via plant sources. So, the quinoa / Amaranth / nuts and wholegrain / millets have been used more alongside the lentil and legumes like everyday Sundal or Chole. As for Popsicles like these go, I would love to make that 2-ingredient Oreo Popsicle once again for my kiddos.

The deep fry has definitely gone down further. The husband doesnt take sugar in any form except dark chocolate, but for the kids I am yet to come down with any definite plan for them, although I know of lot of local friends and families (with very fussy and demanding kids too!) who have gone completely vegan, and are doing extremely well :-))

And the more I read and experiment, I feel that a certain moderation is required between what you have grown up with and what is doable on a daily basis. I am trying to maintain that balance.

And if you have still not slept reading the above rant, check out today’s post on Dry Fruits Kulfi.Definitely a party pleaser & kids delight, make it and savour the chilled kulfi even on a rainy day.


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Prep time : 15 mins ,Chilling / freeze time: 8-10 hours, Makes : 6

Protein sources : Nuts, Whole Milk

Homemade Instant Badam Milk powder– 1 cup

Powdered sugar – 1/2 cup

Whole milk – 6 cups

Nuts chopped – 1/4 cup (I used a mix of almonds, pistachio and apricots)


Boil milk with the badam powder till it reduces to 2/3, while stirring continuously. Add the sugar and mix well, blend in nuts. mix well.

Pour into kulfi moulds, set for 8-10 hours till set.

To unmould, gently run the mould under running tap water for 4-5 seconds and enjoy 🙂


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  1. vaishali sabnani

    Kalyani ditto you ! Even I am not a tea or coffee person , no not even milk , partially vegan ! And this Kulfi ! My it is so inviting , the aroma of the home made masala mix , it's divine ! Feel like having a bite from this well set Kulfi , so glad you were patient and got it perfectly set !
    I remember your imli Kulfi story ????

  2. This kulfi looks so creamy Kalyani..I am a coffee person for sure..hehehe..I would love a coffee kulfi too..

  3. These kulfis are really good and love your instant badam mix powder too. Yum. I both coffee and tea person errr more of coffee person. Between its hard to strict vegan atleast for our lifestyle.Fingers crossed.

  4. Even cheese wasnt my favourite before, but now i cant live without cheese, but am a coffee person, i totally want to give up, but the weather and the work are not helping much to keep coffee away. Feel like licking that nuts loaded kulfi.

  5. I love all the above! milk, cheese, curds only now with age I am reducing the amount I eat. But this is one delicious kulfi that both Hubby and I can enjoy I have had my eye on it from the time I saw it on the linkup.

  6. cookingwithsapana

    As a kid I hated milk and milk based products, only recently I started liking them. That kulfi looks so yummy and I love all the ingredients in it.

  7. Sharmila kingsly

    I just love all types of pops.. This is definitely a must try recipe…

  8. Lovely pop full of nuts and fruits. SO much better than commercial ice cream.

  9. That is so not a rant Kalyani….so awesome that you are making these tough decisions and sticking to them. Good luck! Love this kulfi…the daughter has been asking for one for ages…making this asap!

  10. Dry fruits kulfi looks so tempting and creamy.

  11. wow nice creamy kulfi. Dry fruits kulfi is very helthy and sinful at the same time I guess.

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