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Indian Spice Roasted Carrot Hummus | Vegan, GF and Plant Based

If Popeye is to spinach, then my little bunny at home is to carrots. She loves it in all forms and thanks to her, I have many dishes featuring carrots as the star ingredient:

and many many more


As I was done with most varieties of carrot soup (I simply loved the oven roasted veggie version ), I wanted to make something savoury and I have had my eye on Carrot hummus for a long time 🙂 

Not any ordinary hummus, but Indian-spices roasted carrot hummus . 

Adapted from here (and with own little twists), this was a cracker of a recipe and we all loved it a lot. After the beetroot hummus, this comes out as my personal top favourite. But our new personal favourite is the Mung Bean Hummus with garlic and lemon, oh so yum!!


Let’s see how to make it. As mentioned in my earlier posts, I always have a bag of cooked chickpeas in my freezer. I had to bring it to room temperature and then make this quick hummus in less than 30 mins. This is so delicious on its own that I have been indulging it just like that. How’s wel as a base for a filling sandwich , with your parathas, crudités or even some Lavash sticks .. 

However, if u have raw chickpeas, the Prep time would vary. Soak the raw chickpeas overnight, pressure cook, drain all the water (and make your own DIY egg replacer with that aquafaba), and proceed as usual. 



Prep time – 15 Mins, Makes~ 350 grams of hummus


What you need: 

Cooked chickpeas – 200 grams 

2 large carrots 

Salt – to taste 

Olive oil – 1/4 cup

Lemon juice – 2 tablespoon

Sumac – 1/4 tsp (my little twist)

Tahini – 2 tsp (I used roasted sesame seeds) 

Pomegranate arils and roasted sesame seeds to garnish

Spices for the marinade :

Coriander seeds 2 tsp, cumin seeds 1 tsp, whole black pepper 1/2 tsp, ajwain (Carrom seeds) 1/2 tsp, fennel seeds (saunf) 1 tsp


How to:

Preheat oven to 200 c /400 F. Line a baking sheet with silpat or parchment. 

Coarsely ground all spices in a mortar pestle. In a bow, Slice the carrots thin with a mandolin or a sharp knife. Let the slices be neither too thin or thick. Add the ground spices, salt, 3 tsp of the olive oil , mix well and marinate for 10 mins.

Arrange the slices evenly without overlapping on the baking sheet. Bake for 20 mins, cool and rest for a while.

In a good processor, pulse the cooked chickpeas with salt, half of the remaining olive oil. Add the tahini , roasted carrot (with the spices), lemon juice and pulse in batches , wiping down with a spatula every round. Add 3-4 tsp of water if required. 

The hummus will not be very smooth , but slightly coarse.  Mix well.

Garnish with Pomo arils, the remaining olive oil, and the roasted sesame

Serve with crudités as we did or with any bread of your choice 

This keeps for 4-5 days under refrigeration 

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The International Carrot Day is celebrated every year on April 4th since 2003 and is the pinnacle for carrot lovers all around the world. It is day when Carrot, one of the world’s healthiest foods is celebrated as fest, to spread knowledge about the health benefits of eating carrots. 

In many countries, people throw carrot parties at home, dress up in orange color and serve carrot dishes to their guests. So we @foodieMondayBlogHop proudly claim to be carrot ambassadors and spread a message through our following carrot delicacies.

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So join the fun and celebrate Carrot Day yourself !





  1. Poonam Bachhav

    Marinating the carrot slices with Indian spices,roasting them and then adding to cooked chickpeas to make the hummus sounds both innovative and flavorful Kalyani ! And yes, you have an amazing range of carrot recipes !

  2. My whole family loves hummus, kids love to have it with nachos or pita chips..I love the flavours of Indian spices that you have used in hummus..

  3. Priya Iyer

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Priya Iyer

    This is one healthy hummus I wouldn't mind getting my hands on! 🙂 So innovative! I love how you have roasted the carrots here with Indian spices, and then made a hummus with them. Must have tasted fabulous!

  5. Sujata Roy

    So innovative and healthy way to make hummus. Loved the use of marinated and roasted carrot in the hummus. It should be delicious and flavourful.

  6. Mayuri Patel

    I've yet to try making hummus other than the classic one. Adding carrots to it is a great idea and so flavorful. Wouldn't mind enjoying this dip with some pita bread.

  7. I love these kind of roasted hummus, recently i had prepared roasted beetroot hummus ( and my family thoroughly enjoyed particularly the roasted flavors. i think yours too 🙂 and yes, you have a good variety of carrot dishes dear kalyani 🙂

  8. preethi'scuisine

    Love your innovative recipe Kalyani. Adding Sumec sounds interesting. Fantastic share.

  9. So many variations of the basic hummus and each one looks super inviting. This roasted carrot hummus with those flavours must be very addictive

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