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Fruit Kulfi | Indian Street Foods

While checking for indigenous chaats local to a city / region, I stumbled Upton this fruit kulfi sold in the streets of kolkata . It not only has fruit pieces in d kulfi but is also set in fruits like oranges etc ; Although I would have set this in fruits, it didn’t set well so had to use normal popsicle moulds.


I made some twists to a recipe by tarla dalal and it was very well received by all at home. For the kids’ mini vacation , this was a perfect antidote to the scorching summer days ! You can use most fruits but I worked with what I had ..

Prep time – 10 Mins , cook time – 20 Mins ; set time – 12 hours minimum .

Makes – 6 medium sized pops



Fresh full fat milk – 1/2 litre

Condensed milk – 100 ml

Almonds – finely chopped 2 tsp

Apple – 1 medium – chopped fine with the skin on (I used red gala variety)

Cinnamon powder , nutmeg powder – to taste

Saffron – a pinch



Bring milk and condensed milk to a boil and keep stirring on low flame , scraping down the sides till it reduces to half and a thickish consistency

Add cinnamon n nutmeg powder along with saffron and mix well

Once cool, Add chopped almonds and apples and mix well. Apparently banana also works, but I added only apple.

Pour into kulfi / popsicle moulds and set till firm. Unmould n serve immediately



If you need a creamier mixture quickly, stir in 2 tsp of cornflour slurry into the milk mixture and it will thicken quickly.

Be sure to watch the sides and bottom from burning towards the end of the thickening process – do not leave the mixture unattended



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  1. Priya Suresh

    Omg, look at that fruit kulfi, how delectable it looks. Super creamy, feel like relishing it without any guilt.

  2. Never tasted this kind of fruit kulfi before, it sounds delicious and also looks so creamy. What are the other fruits used in these type of kulfis??

  3. vaishali sabnani

    The kulfi you are talking about is what we all BM buddies had in Delhi. I have made it for one of the BM' needs to scoop the fruit and fill in ..and it is a treat to eat it. Making these in popsicle moulds is a great idea too..the kulfi looks very creamy and perfect for this weather.

  4. Suma Gandlur

    This one was on my mind too but had to give up keeping in account the weather we are having. Kulfi with fruit bits sounds really exotic sitting here with minus temperatures. It looks so tempting.

  5. Oh my gosh !! I am salivating just looking at them .. Look at them … how rich and creamy and alluring they look . Kulfi with fruits is a very interesting choice for street food, This is such an nectarous delight.. definitely antidote for summer heat.. Wonderful recipe there !!

  6. Such yummy looking kulfi Kalyani. I’m literally drooling looking at your clicks. Fruits are such an interesting addition and I’m sure kulfi must have tasted so delicious.

  7. That is delicious street food for people like me with a sweet tooth 🙂

  8. Sharmila kingsly

    Who can say no Kulfi ,always our Favorited streetfood.. And for summer this is must!!

  9. I remember those fruit kulfis we had in delhi, it surely was an amazing experience..lovely pick for the letter!

  10. Gayathri Kumar

    We enjoyed every type of fruit kulfi available during out last BM meet. It was such a wonderful day and I really want to go there again. Your kulfi is making me nostalgic. It looks amazing and is perfect for this scorching heat..

  11. Letting them set in fruits is hard right? Planning to try again this summer. Let's see. Fruit popsicles sounds interesting and its hard to say no this yummy creamy homemade popsicle.

  12. Sandhya Ramakrishnan

    Oh My God! I need this for dessert right now. I am thinking back of days when we buy this from the push cart ice cream wala late at night and enjoy.

  13. Like the others mentioned fruit kulfi was a delight to eat! Making it in popsicle mould is a great idea as well.I need to make this for the kids this summer,

  14. cookingwithsapana

    Omg so creamy and a looking fruit kulfi. I wish to get one popsicle right from the screen.

  15. Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen

    Lovely, that is perfect for the hot weather here, i love how you have added fresh fruit to the kulfi, i bet they must taste heavenly give the combination of ingredients!! wonderful choice kalyani!!

  16. Mayuri Patel

    Adding pureed fruits to a kulfi I've heard of but adding fruit pieces is new to me. What a tempting kulfi and a great way to get fussy kids and adults to eat their fruit and enjoy it too.

  17. preeti garg

    Kulfi is one of popular street recipe.. I always prefer roadside kulfi with amazing flavor they have.

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