February 16, 2017

New event : Kids Delight - Chocolate dishes theme

Valentine's Day just whizzed past us - If you are a chocoholic bet you would have enjoyed the date :-) 

So, why not link up more love with chocolate based dishes... 

Simple, creative, elegant,delicious  - chocolate fits into more than these categories. 

No rules - Its simple as A,B,C. 

If you have an eggless chocolate dish, simply use the link tool to link your dishes (make sure your entries are linked to this event announcement with Valli's event announcement (whose event I am guest hosting - thanks Valli :D ) 

Although I prefer fresh entries, archived entries updated+ the logo are also accepted - make sure archived entries are appended with the details above to qualify.

Ensure both old and new entries are linked back to Valli's event and this event to qualify as an entry :)

Look forward to your love, and your entries..



1 comment:

  1. This is something I know many will love!..thanks for hosting.


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