August 2, 2016

Round up of MLLA # 97

Thanks to Lisa for another opportunity to host this extremely popular event - MLLA - edition 97 (brainchild of Susan) on my blog last month.

Here's a quick recap of the same.

In order of receipt, we have
(1) Nupur's deliciously healthy Avocado Basil Pesto Hummus

(2) Lisa's tempting Spicy Tangy Tamarind Broth - perfect for the monsoon here:)

(3) Veg Hog's sumptuous meal with Roasted Potatoes and Sweet Corn Tortillas

(4) Siri's hearty and filling Pan fried Chickpeas Curry with Rice

(5) Shaheen's proteinicious Chili with Fava Beans, Carrots & Turmeric Potatoes 

(6) Archana's simple yet delicious Hesarkaal Palya (Green moong dal saute)

(7) Mala has brought in yummy curry with Butter Beans in a Ceylon based gravy

(8) From my own kitchen, Healthier & Vegan version of Missal Pav - a local street food delight of Mumbai

Thanks to all blogger friends for your participation and look forward to having you over for many more events on this blog



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