September 30, 2015

London , and we werent just ready to head back home !!

To wrap up this month's mega Blogging Marathon, we have the travelogue theme this week @ Sizzling Tastebuds. We saw the sights of Paris, travelled via Eurostar train to London ! 

And today, we shall take in sights of London. Some touristy, some offbeat !!  

And as I am culling out pictures from my album, one trip doesn't seem to do justice.. 

we had so much to see, eat, experience... and God willing, we shall go back some day to take in more sights.. :)

Till then I sign off with some views from our London trip !! 

Its been wonderful doing this BM with all my friends, and here's to more such journeys !!


September 29, 2015

More Parisian sights, onward to London, and beyond....

Yesterday, we had a short picture view of Paris and its sights.. Today, we travel a little more in Paris, with some more famous landmarks and from there move to London via the Eurostar. 

After taking in more sights in Paris, we travel by Eurostar from Paris to Europe (London) and take in the sights along...To imagine a train traversing two countries across the English Channel and part of the journey in an under-water tunnel is a journey worth experiencing !!  

It criss crosses many countryside and the view was spectacular. The clean verdant greenery spiced with yellow flowers reminded me of the English Poem Daffodils...but more on the English countryside later..

and tomorrow we come back for the final leg of our journey  ....

September 28, 2015

Bienvenu à paris - Welcome to Paris.. A short travelogue :)

This week we start with Miscellaneous (or Bloggers Choice) for the month long BM Buffet. 

After a lot of deliberation, I chose Travelogue Theme but as a wordless post, which means the picture do the talking !! 

 (apart from this intro of course). 

We were fortunate to visit Paris & another city during the kids' summer vacation (which is technically not in Summer in the rest of the world :D).. 

So today is presenting part 1 of 3 of the travelogue .. stay tuned this week to find out more...

Being a student of French (and thats her favourite subject too), the elder girl was thrilled that she could read most signboards and also guide us with the meaning..

Although the Eiffel Tower and other monuments in the coming posts are popular, this week's posts are special for all (read most) of  the photos have been clicked by the elder girl : she  enjoyed being the family photographer and the husband and I were most relieved to be giving her the camera as we had little one to look after too, and she was running pretty amok in the new city :)

well, thats enough talking. Let the pictures flow :) -

What's on for tomorrow ?? Stay tuned for Part 2 ....

Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM# 56

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