September 13, 2014

Lebanese Platter

Lebanon is a foodies’ paradise- I am told food of every variety, spicy, hot and warm , comforting is available in this Country. Having influences from Mediterrranean as well as East African and Middle Eastern Cuisine, Lebanon is a melting pot of world cuisine.

Today there is a full Lebanese meal comprising of home made Pita bread, baked Falafel and Roasted Veggies. My family enjoyed it along with a Baked potato and chickpea soup. I have requests to make this again and again at home, and its a very nice feeling, dont you think :-))

Till then enjoy the spread. I have followed my co-blogger Usha’s recipe for the Baked Falafels (except that I have retained it as a roundel instead of flattening it out) – Thanks Usha for the recipe. The recipe for Baked Pita Bread came from The Fresh Loaf . Although my Pita didn’t swell up like a phulka, tastewise it was very yummy. I also used whole wheat flour and APF in the proportion 80:20, so that may be one reason it didn’t puff up.

Lets get started on a few quick facts about Lebanon before proceeding to today’s recipe:
Salads such as the tabbouleh and fattoush, together with dip such as hummus, baba ghanoush or moutabal, and kebbeh.
Some patties such as the Sambusac.
Stuffed grape leaves

So, it’s a Lebanese meal today for Alphabet L with Pita Bread, Baked Falafels & Roasted Summer Vegetables, Spicy Yoghurt dip & Baked Chickpeas Soup (not in pic) for the World Blogging Marathon. 
Total Prep time : 1 hour
Cooking / Baking time : 45 mins
Type : Lebanese Meal

1) Course : Baked Pita Bread
Type : Bread

Recipe followed verbatim from here. Only changes I made is I used wholewheat flour & APf in 80:20 ratio. Also topped the bread with nigella seeds before baking.

2) Course : Baked Falafels.
Type : Snack / Vegetable

Followed Usha’s recipe.

3) Course: Roasted Vegetables:

Ingredients Used:
Mixed vegetables : 3 colours of peppers, Zucchini, cucumbers, onions, lettuce, spinach
Olive oil : 3 TBSP
Mixed herbs : 1 TBSP
Sea salt – ½ tsp

Preheat oven to 170 Deg C. Chop all vegetables according to the shape and size you need (just ensure they are all more or less the same size). In a large bowl, whisk together olive oil, mixed herbs and salt,. Toss the veggies in this spice mixture and stand for 5-10 mins
Line a baking tray with foil and grease with cooking spray.  Place the veggies on the foil.
Bake for 12-15 mins till they are almost done but still stay crunchy
Serve with pita bread and falafel. Top with roasted sesame seeeds

4) Course : Spicy yoghurt Dip
Hung Curd – 1 cup
Salt – to taste
Fresh Cream (I used Amul) – 3 tsp
Lemon juice – ½ tsp
Paprika, red chilli flakes and oregano – 1 tsp

Whisk all ingredients together. Season with spices. Chill before serving

5) Course : Baked Potato & Chickpea Soup
Recipe from my blog :  Here

Prep time : 20 mins.
Cook time : 20 mins
Serves : 4

  • Boiled Chickpeas - 1/4 cup
  • Potatoes - 2 large
  • Onion - 1 large
  • Garlic - 1 or 2 - minced fine (opt.)
  • Olive oil - 2 TBSP
  • Dry herbs : Oregano/thyme/basil - suit your palate (I used a generous pinch of each)
  • Red chilli flakes - 1/4 tsp
  • Butter - 1/4 tsp (opt.)
  • Squash - chopped fine - a handful - optional
  • Nutmeg - a teeny weeny dash
  • Cream - 1/2 TBSP - for garnish
  • Black pepper - 1/2 TBSP - for topping
  • Salt - to taste
1) In a large soup pot (I used a pressure pan), heat olive oil. Add onions,garlic.Fry well till the raw smell disappears.
2) Meanwhile,wash,clean and bake potatoes in a microwave for 8 mins or wrap in foil and bake in the oven with a little butter & soft till soft. I added a pinch of red chilli flakes & pepper to bring out the aroma.
2) In the pressure cooker, after the onions are sauteed, add the cooked chickpeas, squash, salt and 5 cups of water and bring to a boil.
3) Pressure cook for 3 whistles and cool (If using a soup pot, cook covered for 20 - 25 mins till cooked well)
4) Drain and reserve the stock.
5) Puree the mixture along with the baked potatoes and tip in the reserved stock.
6) Bring this puree to a low simmer. Add the nutmeg, dried herbs, chilli flakes and adjust salt and other spices.
7) Transfer to serving bowls and finish with cream and black pepper.

Now, that was a very satisfying meal. Lets check out what the other marathoners are upto today...


  1. Lovely platter! Pita bread and falafel are a favorite in our house too. I too prefer the baked versions. The salad and soup look delicious

  2. That is quite spread of Lebanese food. Thanks for trying out my recipe. I am glad your family liked it. Roasted vegetables look colorful and entire meal looks delicious.

  3. omg thats an fantastic platter dear :) pita bread falafels soup dip everything is just making me hungry now :) great effort on putting this platter together :) very delicious spread !!

  4. Fantabulous spread, i can grab thatf falafel pita bread and goes on. looks wholesome and delicious.

  5. Everything in that Lebanese meal looks absolutely delicious. Such a homey and comforting meal.

  6. Wow Kalyani that's a wonderful platter..the next time you make let me know...For all you know I might be around.
    All the recipes look delicious..Needless to say this is a hit cuisine.

  7. Wow such a wonderful platter of Lebanese meal , love all the dishes...

  8. That is a wonderful platter Kalyani!All the dishes are so delicious and really tempting. Next time you make something like this, I am coming over...

  9. A tempting platter with delicious food. I haven't made pita at home yet.

  10. That's really such an inviting spread you got there Kalyani, wonderful efforts in getting so many done..

  11. I am inviting myself over for a meal Kalyani. Its an amazingly beautiful platter.

  12. wow what an amazing spread for this country

  13. I am feeling so hungry looking at your delicious spread. And the fact that the platter is so healthy with so many baked dishes makes it so inviting...

  14. soup was a bonus with this meal...lovely platter and when i had seen the pictures first i was more interested in the black seeds - nigella is a good have baked the bread and falafel, converted the street food into a healthy meal


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