January 27, 2014

Sizzling Tastebuds turns 3, a giveaway, and celebrates the event with Deconstructed Gajar Halwa and Butter scotch ice cream

Some celebrations calls for a sweet, some calls for a feast. 3 years of blogging on Sizzling Tastebuds has given me so much happiness - knowing and interacting with so many blogger friends worldwide, (virtually) savoring World Cuisine, and being a humble learner at heart of the nuances of food, from over the globe. Although the last year has seen me more behind the scenes with not too much blogging due to the birth of my 2nd princess, nevertheless its been fulfilling to interact with so many similar homemakers and astute foodies that it definitely calls for a celebration and a giveaway. Thank you dear readers, friends and family for this wonderful support. I am truly blessed. 

I would also like to show my appreciation for my readers with a giveaway (details at the end of this post), But before that, check out the yummy dessert :-))

After Carrot Kheer and Chocolate cake served for the 2nd and 1st anniversaries respectively, I went in for a quasi fusion recipe with Deconstructed Gajar Halwa and Butter Scotch Ice cream. How much more decadent can it get ? Its the season of Red Delhi Carrots and what better way to put my hours of watching Masterchef Australia to test - to turn the humble yet earthy and feverishly familiar Gajar Halwa into something more sublime, to something that would last till the next year rolls in (well, hopefully not so long, for I have a laundry list of food to try out). well, it was an indigenous recipe, and seriously can you go wrong with Gajar Halwa, Ice Cream and Chocolate (yup!)

As someone (read the Dear Husband who ever so lovingly lugs back pots and ramekins and baking equipment from across the globe) asked me what my plans were for this year of blogging - it would certainly be more experimentation, of course with various techniques that I hope to bring to this blog, but also to ring in more cuisine from the world over, and yes bake a lot lot more making peace with my dear ally, yeast :-))

While all that are underway in different forms, sit and relax this immensely satiating dessert with deconstructed Gajar Halwa with butter scotch ice cream. Call it new age food, call it fusion, call it comfort food, this dessert would surely lap up your palate. (Psst : This is also a great way to use up all the gajar halwa you may have made during winter for guests who turned up, and didn't). Who says you need a masters degree in cooking, when all you need is a little smart work and great presentation - all served with love :-))

January 16, 2014

Round up of "Only Baked" event held...

Thank you, dear bloggers for all your entries for the "Only Baked Treats" held during Dec 2013. Although a tad late as I was held up due to personal reasons (including a rather sudden and unfortunate demise of a relative), this post is to thank you once again for all your entries. 

The winner of this Giveaway shall be announced by Pari, the creator of this event. Thank you Pari, for an opportunity to host this..

Without much ado, the round up is as follows - both from India as well as from outside India. 

And I do hope you shall all continue to support me in further events as well..


January 6, 2014

Baked Honey and Chilli Cashews | Tea time Snacks | Party Munchies

A warm welcome back to Sizzling Tastebuds. After over two months of inaction, kicking off 2014 on this verrrrrry addictive snack, especially for Cashew lovers. the H and me munched it first at Taj Lands End some years ago, and we loved it again when I made it at home too. Beware : this is more than a between-meals snack, it could take binging to a whole new level if one doesn't exercise caution :-))

Hardly any time to make, and with very little ingredients, I am sure this would feature regularly as part of your party eats or a travel food. You can definitely substitute cashews with almonds for a healthy twist. 

Get. Set. Go. 2014 ... here we come ! 

Prep time : 10 mins | Baking Time : 12-14 mins 
Course : Snack / Appetiser

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