June 15, 2013

Hosting "Kids Delight - Party Ideas" event : 15th June - 15th July 2013

Parties ! And who doesnt like them :-)) Be it Kitty parties or Kids' birthday parties, anniversaries or baby shower. Parties are something all of us would love to attend, and host in equal fervour. So, all this month (from 15th June - 15th July), am hosting Valli's Kids Delight event with Party Ideas as a theme pitch in with your best party ideas that are kid approved too - in short, all those you would love to put up for a party and those that kids would love to gobble up. 

Thanks Valli for this opportunity...

from Pizzas to Mini Frankies to Mini Idlis to Finger Sandwiches, the list is endless. Do link your entries and let's have a party. 

Before you rush in your delish entries to the linky tool below, a quick look at the rules:

(1) All entries must be eggless and vegetarian, and has to be kid approved or child friendly
(2) Please indicate the number of portions your dish would make(or number of people it would serve) so that other readers can use your recipes to use it in their parties
(3) Linking to this event link & Valli's link is mandatory. 
(4) All entries posted between 15th June and 15th July 2013 can be linked. Any number of fresh entries are accepted
(5) If you are linking an archived post, please update it with this event announcement and re-post the recipe (entries without this change are not accepted). Max of 1 archived entry per person accepted
(6) Usage of Logo is appreciated in your entries

C'mon y'all, lets get set for a frolicking rocking party then ;-))



  1. Thanks for hosting Kalyani..

  2. Happy hosting... will link my entries soon!!!
    Event - Authentic Indian Sweets w giveaway

  3. Lovely concept.We are also Kids birthday parties host in Mumbai. Eagerly waiting for creative recipes that are going to post here.Good luck to all.

  4. Hi.. nice event, happy to link my recipe.

  5. Few months old blogger but new to posting for events theme,,, have sent my link.. glad to get connected..

  6. Hey... Nice event!! Have linked 3 of my kids-friendly dishes here:
    - Asian Noodles Pancakes
    - Soy-glazed Renkon Chips
    - Greek Veggie Wrap

    Visit SJ's Food Court: http://myownfoodcourt.blogspot.com

  7. Nice event!!! I am first time here and Linked four entries...I am new food blogger and I am also hosting an Event "Birthday special" with giveaway...I will be glad if you could visit my blog and try to participate in my event..thanks!!!

  8. Hi hank for hosting. just added my link.

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  10. We were here recently; if our group was larger we would have likely ordered one of each item just to check that all the food here is high value.
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