January 31, 2013

Magic Mingle Challenge # 14

The Magic Mingle (MM) Challenge for February 2013 is here. The past 13 challenges have been interesting and exciting, and am sure the MM members are also keen to know this month's ingredients. Well, as this is V2.0 of MM, the challenge notch is a lil higher:-) And so, the ingredients although well within the reach of any homemaker get more exciting and challenging. Which is exactly what this month's challenge does - with...

Urad Dal & Lemon

Urad dal can be used in whole / split / flour form. Lemon rinds / juice / candied peel can be used. However these are not garnish but must feature as the main ingredient. Quite an eclectic combo on the face of it. I quite myself dont know how these ingredients would need to  combined, but very excitedto see how the co-minglers fare ..

As usual, a snapshot of the rules:
(a) Use of Logo is mandatory, and so is visiting the MM posts and leaving a comment. 
(b) Once the post is up, do link it to the linky tool below.
(c) This event is open only to MM members from 1st-15th Feb 2013. If you are keen to join us, drop  me a line at momchef77@gmail.com.
(d) Only vegetarian and eggless entries allowed
(e) The entries can be across cuisine and region and any number of entries from MMers are welcome !

So, get set go. MMers, lets rock :-) 



  1. lemons seem like a super ingredients to cook with currently, wondering about combining it with urad in an unique way

  2. hmm nice ingredients...lost in them ::)

  3. Definitely a super interesting combo..Wonder wat to make with it.

  4. Nice Ingredients.
    I am thinking which dish I should do.


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