August 31, 2012

Magic Mingle # 9

Thank you dear members for your enthusiastic response for Magic Mingle # 8. I am sure the challenge of Sesame & Jaggery intrigued you enough to gear up for another challenge of Magic Mingle # 9

For all members who are awaiting the Challenge this month, the magic ingredients are ......

Pumpkins & Chillies

.... Now how exciting could that get !! 

August 19, 2012

Sevai-Rava Idli | Vermicilli-Semolina Idli

Idlis are a saviour both in terms of time and health in my family. I do keep trying different varieties of these steamed delicacies, and today’s dish was more an experiment that everyone loved ! Sevai-Rava Idly, or Vermicilli- Semolina Idli accompanied by Tangy Coriander Chutney made a complete meal by itself. And what’s more, it added a variety of Idly after Toor Dal Idly, Mini Carrot Idly, Pepper IdliPoha Idli etc. Makes for a filling breakfast as well as a healthy lunchbox option.

Off this recipe goes to :
Blogging Marathon under “Meals under 30 mins” & Valli’s Mela under the same name.

The last two days dished under this theme included Poori-Choley & Wholewheat Cheesy Pizza.

August 18, 2012

Wholewheat Cheesy Pizza - homemade too ! Step by Step pics

Today, I must make an exception. And that is to publish a post without any words,although I couldnt do away without an intro. This dish has been my dream ever since I saw various other bloggers make a pizza from scratch. It did take me a while to get the wheels running, but I was glad I tried it.

And I did do it ! And guess what ? More than my kiddo who was mighty pleased with this weekend treat, I did a little jig myself. The pizza came out uber soft, healthy and delicious. I am running down the ingredient list, and the pix are, hopefully, self explanatory.

Goes to Blogging Marathon under "Meal under 30 mins" & Valli’s Mela under the same name. Also to Renuka's Around the world-Italian & Bake Fest by Foodomania, event by Vardhini

 Check out the other marathoners here.

August 17, 2012

Poori Chole | Puffed Indian bread with spiced chickpeas curry - Meals under 30 mins

Whats in a Poori, one might ask... Well, first as a family we don’t eat Pooris that often. Two, I dnt remember the last time I made this all by myself from start to finish. And thirdly, I didn’t know how to puff them, restaurant style.

So, armed with these newly acquired skills, I was ready to make the perfect Poori, and accompanied by the perfect side dish – Punjabi Choley , or spiced Chickpeas curry. There is of course the fattening cousin of Poori, which is made from Maida or APF, called the “Bhatura”. But as this was to be for a quick lunch meal, I chose to make the former. Kiddo looked at me impatiently waiting for the clicks to be done, and while she dug into it, gave me a thumbs up sign that she liked it. This goes to BM under “30 min meals” & Valli’s Mela under the same name. You can make this for breakfast or lunch too. Off to the recipe now.

August 8, 2012

Kothamalli Chutney | Tangy Coriander Chutney without coconut and onions

Do you feel sometimes you are in a time warp, where everything around you flies in a frenzy and you have little or no control over what happens around you ? Of late, things around me seem just like that. With kiddo’s school reopened two months ago, I am caught in a whirlpool of activity on the personal front, not to mention that many days when the hunger pangs strike me around noon, I realise I need to rustle up something for lunch. And today was one of those days, when nothing seemed to get done : the housework, errands that I needed to run, my professional commitments, and I was in absolutely no mood to dish out anything elaborate.

Which is when this yummy and tangy coriander chutney (aka Kothamalli Chutney) saved me. I couldn’t help smile a mile long : this definitely meant lesser dishes to do, and even lesser cooking. Quite a treat, this tangy chutney from the morning’s breakfast went well with hot steamed rice, and with a few roasted papads, I was singing like a lark. Quite a breeze to make, this is adapted slightly from Priya’s Coriander and Onion Chutney, except I didn’t add Onions and modified a few other ingredients. I had already blogged my grandmom’s signature recipe Kothamalli Thokku and Mint-Coriander chutney for Chaats,so my favourite ingredient being coriander, I chose this recipe from her blog.

Incidentally, Priya who is my Blog Hop partner for this edition of Blog Hop Wednesdays needs no introduction. It took me about an hour of browsing through her veg index to even decide what to recreate for this week’s version of Blog Hop. Ingredients I couldn’t even imagine had been brought together in many wonderful medleys – a food hopper’s delight, I wish I had more opportunities to even try out some stuff J

August 6, 2012

Magic Mingle # 8 Challenge

32 mouthwatering entries for Magic Mingle # 7-- thanks dear members for your enthusiastic response.Top Contributors for last month were: Priya Suresh with 7 entries and Roshni with 5 entries respectively.. Way to go, girls !! 

Welcome to Magic Mingle - Edition 8. For all members who are awaiting the Challenge this month, the magic ingredients are ......
Sesame Seeds and Jaggery

Important points to note before linking your entries:
1) All dishes to be vegetarian & eggless only (non-veg/ alcohol etc not accepted).

2) Only new entries are accepted and any number of new entries per member are accepted.

3) This dish could be across cuisine(Lebanese/Asian/Mediterranean/Continental/Indian/ Chinese etc) and course (Breakfast/Lunch/snack/appetiser/dessert/Dinner)

4) The 2 magic ingredients should feature as major ingredients in the dish and NOT as garnish. Both the ingredients are to be used in the same dish

5) All the dishes are to have the logo indicated above mandatorily and the entries need to be linked to the linky tool only. This link is up from 6th Aug 2012 - 16th Aug 2012 (end of day in your respective time zones)

6) Once you post & link your entry (using the linky tool at the end of this post) between 5th & 15th of the month,mail the entry URL to the google groups email ID - with the subject line "MM-Aug 2012". 
7) Please note only member entries are accepted here. Others who are eager to join this group are welcome to write to me at 

Note for Ingredients for MM - Aug 2012 : 

  • Sesame can be used in whole or powdered form.Either black or white variety can be used
  • Jaggery cannot be substituted with sugar or any other sweetener. The closest substitute is palm sugar  
  • Please remember these two ingredients must feature as one of the main ingredients  for the SAME DISH and not as garnish.
Hope you are excited and would link your entries soon.If you are unable to link your dish, please mail me at our googlegroup email ID.

Let the Magic begin....

August 1, 2012

Desi-Videsi Food Fest : A new event announcement

Desi – Videsi Khana. Or in simple english, fusion / crossover food.

That's the theme of the food fest here at Sizzling Tastebuds, all this August. As India enters her 66th year of Independence, and we have many festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Ramzan, Janmashtami this month, what better way to celebrate than with the festival of food. 

With a twist of course.

Desi – Videsi Food Fest encompasses all those foods made with a twist or even fusion food. So fusion and crossover food like Rice flour pancakes, Paneer Manchurian,Rajma burgers, Broccoli samosa, Channa Dal Subway sandwich, Cornflour jalebis, Baby Corn Pakodas, Couscous Koshimbir with Tadka...I am just getting some ideas here...– so think food with a twist,fusion food – and those cooked with a crossover ingredient. 

Let your imagination run wild, and send in your entries linking them to the Linky tool at the end of this post. Food can be of any cuisine across courses. But only eggless and vegetarian recipes please.

A small recap on how you can send your entries:
1)    Link all entries using the Linky Tool here.
2)    Upto 2 old recipes reposted and linked to the event announcement allowed.
3)    Mandatory use of Logo in your post
4)    Both old and new entries need to be linked to this event announcement Link : Desi-Videsi Food Fest @ Sizzling Tastebuds
5)    Last date for entries : Aug 31st
6)    Non bloggers can send their entries to

Let the imaginations and wild combos begin. Wishing all my readers a very happy festive season ahead !! Look forward to your wonderful and lip smacking entries J


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