June 10, 2012

Chikoo Dates Smoothie | Summer Coolers for kids

Chikoo (aka Sapota in Kannada) is my favourite fruit of all seasons, mostly summers. I had to eventually consult wikipedia to know what this fruit is known as in English ! Because for years, I used to call it Sapota, and my non-kannada speaking husband looked at me when I said I wanna have this fruit like he hadnt heard of the name at all ! Of course, this was years ago, when husbands paid attention to all that we spoke and also our wants ! (LoL!!)

"It is known as chikoo ("चिक्कू" or chiku,"चीकू,") in India and Pakistan ("چیکوchiku or "آلوچَہâlucha) and sapota in some parts of India (Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh), sapathilla or rata-mi in Sri Lankasobeda/sofeda (সবেদা or সফেদা) in eastern India and Bangladeshsabudheli("ސަބުދެލި") in Maldivessawo in Indonesia and saos in West Sumatrahng xiêm (lit. Siamese persimmon), lng mt or xa pô chê in Vietnamlamoot(ละมุด) in ThailandLaos and Cambodia." (Source - Wikipedia)

Today's post is a quick Chikoo and Dates Smoothie you can put together with minimum ingredients, and with just 5 ingredients, slurp away !!

Sending this to BM#17 under "Cooking with Readymade ingredients" (I have used readily available Condensed Milk). Check out the other marathoners here

Prep time : 10 mins. No Cook
Serves - 2
·         Ripe Chikoo / Sapota fruit - 4 nos
·         Condensed Milk (readily available) - 2 TBSP (or more if you prefer)
·         Cold Milk - 1/2 cup
·         Dates - 1/4 cup (pitted)
·         Vanilla Essence - 1- 2 drops
·         Ice cubes - optional

Wash and peel the fruit. Deseed them and cut into cubes. Chill for 1/2 hour (or better still use chilled fruits)
Place the fruits & dates along with the condensed milk and cold milk and puree till you get a thickish smoothie. 
Now add the essence and ice cubes and run the mixer just once more.
Strain and serve in tall glasses for a super summer drink for the kids and your family :)

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  1. wow. this is just awesome. lovely decoration.

  2. Thats a super delicious and irresistible smoothie.

  3. slurp ! i love sapotas and this drink has my attention !

  4. This is my fav drink.Looks yum...

  5. Love the drink and especially the biscuit on top!

  6. healthy and refreshing drink..

  7. Very delicious n creamy smoothie...looks fabulous !!

  8. looks good. I miss the sweet chiku we used to eat as kids.

  9. Healthy and delicious smoothie...

  10. Awesome chiller.. much wanted for this summer time

  11. This is my favorite one and in fact this is the only shake I used to drink while I was in India.
    BTW, my condolences to you and your family, Kalyani. Keep strong.

  12. YUM YUM YUM...we dont get sapota/chikoo here :( one thing i miss the most!!!


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