May 8, 2012

Round up of CWS Oats

It was wonderful to receive a deluge of healthy entries using Oats for my event CWS - Oats that was hosted at this space in April 2012. Thanks to Priya for this opportunity and thank you dear friends for sending over your delicious entries.

The round up is presented here... enjoy !! 

Would also look forward to your participation in both the events running currently at my blog:

Thanks and cheers


  1. Lovely n delicious recipes...

  2. looks wonderful

    i dont use oats but one of my friend was askin for this
    am going to direct her here to chk out all oats dishes

    she wud be delighted

  3. A few recipes here but nice and different ones..most of them are really worth trying.

  4. Thanks for this wonderful roundup Kalyani..

  5. Awesome...

  6. lovely round-up, I think I linked but never sent you my posts :), don't I always do such stupid things :)..,


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