Magic Mingle

Welcome to Magic Mingle. Here we bloggers take up a monthly challenge to create a new dish with 2 Magic ingredients every month. Every 5th of the month,we pick 2 magic ingredients for that month. All members of the Magic Mingle post any vegetarian dish containing these two ingredients across cuisines / courses and link to a common hosted link on my blog by the 15th of the month. 

While linking this dish to any other ongoing event is allowed, only fresh entries are allowed - no archived or re-posted entries.

The excitement of this contest comes from the fact that the ingredients are revealed by random choice every month and get to make a signature dish or a time tested recipe or a totally new recipe each month with the given ingredients. The given 2 or 3 ingredients must feature majorly in the dish, and cannot be used as topping / garnish etc.

So, if you are excited and want to register, if you havent done so already, drop in your registration as below....


Round ups of Magic Mingle as follows:

Magic Mingle # 1

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