November 25, 2019

Mediterranean Style Oven Roasted Veggies

While researching,  I found that the phrase "Mediterranean Diet" is actually defined as a noun (in English Language) as "a diet of a type traditional in Mediterranean countries, characterized especially by a high consumption of vegetables and olive oil and moderate consumption of protein, and thought to confer health benefits." 

A Mediterranean diet incorporates the traditional healthy living habits of people from countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, including France, Greece, Italy and Spain. Our hostess Archana for this week at #FoodieMondayBlogHop has suggested #222MystiqueMediterranan as the theme.  

I love buying and prepping veggies a lot, and as a family, soups and salads are always on the menu plans as a stand alone snack or appetiser. Today's dish is a baked crisp (or chips if you prefer). Its completely vegan and GF and can be added to your #Thanksgiving or #Xmas meal spread. My kids loved the crisps and it just flew off the baking tray. I have mildly spiced it, but you may add any spices that you / your family prefers. 

Prepping the veggies and marination is the only time consuming task here, else the winter veggies are a perfect time to make this Gluten free , vegan snack.

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Prep time - 20 mins, Baking time - 17 mins approx. per batch*, Serves - 2


(*Baking time differs from oven to oven*)

Carrots - 100 grams
Beets - 100 grams ( I used 1 really large beet)
Sweet potato - 100 grams
Potato - 1 large (cut into wedges)
Olive oil - 3 TBSP
Salt  - to taste
Spices and herbs (all to taste) : sumac, dried rosemary, dried chilli flakes, white pepper, black pepper, dried oregano, 

Peel and wipe the veggies of all extra moisture with paper napkins. Let them air dry on tissues for 5-7 mins. 
Cut the veggies into long strips / batons. In a bowl, add the veggies, spices and half the oil+salt and mix well. Cover and marinate for 30 mins. 
Preheat oven to 170C. grease the lined tray with 1 tsp oil. 
Spread the marinated veggies without overlapping on the baking tray. Sprinkle remaining oil and salt and bake for 17-18 mins (or until they are crisp) , turning them over midway.
(Airfryer also works for this dish)
Serve immediately as is or sprinkling more pepper / red chilli flakes on top. Enjoy :)


  1. Kalyani, such a delicious looking tempting bake. Adding herbs, sumac and pepper, makes it even more tempting. Perfect time to make Mediterranean Style Oven Roasted Veggies as they are available in abundance at the moment. A perfect guilt free snacking option.

  2. The platter looks so inviting with all those colours! Such a healthy meal too, and delicious as well, I'm sure. :)

  3. Love these crispy and crunchy baked vegetables.. love the colors and flavors here.. delicious and so healthy platter!!

  4. Baked vegetables sounds so healthy, easy, delicious and aromatic Kalyani. Loved the use of Italian herbs in it. Bookmarking it to try sometime.

  5. Baked vegetables looks so inviting and full of flavors. Would love to grab a few

  6. Baked Colorful winter veggies marinated in flavorful Italian spices sounds like a healthy guilt free treat Kalyani !

  7. This delicious platter of Oven roasted veggies looks so tempting and delicious.Love this healthy dish.

  8. Loved the texture of veggies Kalyani, they are baked perfectly. We can eat it as much as without any guilt. loved the way you presented it 🤗.

  9. Now I know how I am going to use sumac. I love these delicious veggies n since air fryer works I will love it all the more. Thanks

  10. Kalyani you have used all the good winter vegetables here and they look so very well roasted and crunchy. I liked your idea of doing it all together and the plating is just wow.

  11. These healthy oven roasted veggies can be enjoyed as a snack with or without a dip not feeling guilty at all.

  12. love your new header and logo and to the recipe what a delicous basic side dish to accompany any meal

  13. Such a tempting and delicious platter Kalyani! Love how you have served that , so well beautifully presented !!


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