September 15, 2019

Round up of MLLA#130

Hosting MLLA is always a delight, and I love the simple, uncomplicated way it has grown to its 130th edition - which I hosted. 

Thank you Lisa, for another opportunity to do this. We have entries from 8 wonderful bloggers who have pitched in with their wonderful recipes.

Thank you , friends for your support and entries and sorry for the delayed round up ! 

Seema’s rustic and delicious Horsegram thick broth (saaru). Takes me back to my bangalore days - a little saaru, hot rice and the warmth on a chilly bangalore day .. bliss!

Lisa’s super healthy Hummus Bowls (and I LOVE HUMMUS and falafel, anytime, really :p)

Veg Hog’s filling Bean Flautas that could double up as a whole meal by itself

Archana’s Moringa Chutney Powder - to liven up all your meals as well as add a generous sprinkling of superfood !

Priya Iyer’s Kadhi Chutney - an awesome dip I found during this event. I think it would pair with everything :-)

My cousin Priya Vijay has sent me a wonderful Jain Matar Paneer , and Priya  posts real delicious meals from her onion-garlic free kitchen

Poonam who’s celebrating Shravan (the Hindu season of rains) with Besan Dhirde - makes for a light lunch as well.

And finally, from my own kitchen - Kollu Chutney (a vegan GF, Vegan dip with horsegram) to go with Idli / Dosa / veg crudités or even as a spread on toasted bread  

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