January 28, 2019

Lemon Coriander Soup | Low Calorie dishes | Winter Soups

Soups have a special place in my heart - they can be as light or heavy as one chooses. As rich or as low cal as one pleases, and barring a few vegetables, most veggies lend themselves to a soup. As readers of this blog would know by now, I have over 30+ varieties of vegetarian soups (mostly vegan and practically all of them GF !). 

This low-cal version of Lemon Coriander Soup was long in the making (posting) to this blog, and as the little one and I love this, we prefer this mostly to the Tomato Soup that the older girl chooses while ordering out. Mom loves most soups that I make, barring the cheese-based (and so do I) and the Oriental ones (think Manchow, Manchurian, Wonton etc) 

The poor husband, on his part would have soup as a punishment rather than nourishment (he gets his veggies sorted in the form of stir fries, stews, curries etc) and couldn’t really care much about soups (I secretly think he doesn't have the patience to sip through a soup and whenever we dine out too, he heads straight to main course and we are poor souls left with a bowl of soup in our hands.. Ssshh , but let’s keep this as a secret thought, shall we ? :-) )

Ahem, anyways, I have a majority and we have a good time making and consuming them ! Let’s steer to the theme on hand - LowCalFoods was the theme for week #180 of the #FoodieMondayBloghop and this theme was suggested by our member, Sujata Roy. 

Sujata has a great blog encompassing many cuisines, delectable bakes and I am so glad she suggested this theme. I believe that some of the high-cal or high-fat dishes can definitely be converted into low cal ones and most of my experiments have been successful so far.  

If you are an avid pro low-cal person like me, check out the following: 

Let’s come to the recipe for today-  Lemon Coriander Soup
{{a delicious GF & Vegan Soup that you would relish anytime, especially on a cold, rainy / wintery day !}}

Course - Snack / appetiser , Vegan and Gluten Free 


Prep time - 10 mins, Cook time - 15 mins, Serves - 3 

You would need:
Veg Stock / Hot Water - 3 cups (prefer the former)
Mixed veggies - finely minced cauliflower, carrot, beans
Spring onions  greens - 1 tsp (opt.)
Lemon juice - 1 TBSP
Finely minced fresh coriander - 3 tsp
Salt and pepper - to taste
Olive oil - 1/2 tsp
Onion (1/2) - minced very fine (optional)

How to:
In a soup pot / small pressure cooker, add the oil & saute onions till translucent, now add the salt, veggies and sauté for 3~4 mins. 
Add the veg stock or hot water and let it come to a rolling boil Pressure cook for 1 whistle (or in a soup pot) till the veggies are tender and al dente only. 
Now add the minced coriander, fresh ground pepper. Let it simmer for 3-4 mins 
Add the spring onion greens, lemon juice and switch off. 
Enjoy it hot or warm. 


  1. Hearty, warm and comforting - This is what I best describe this soup. I love lemon coriander soup, in fact all the broth based soups over the cream ones. Light and delicious.

  2. I adore lemon coriander soup, and slurp it up like no one's business whenever we get hold of a good one in restaurants we visit.   Glad to see a healthy recipe for the same that I can easily recreate at home.

  3. Delicious looking soup..they are my weakness. I love it with a good bread. Haven't had a lemon and coriander soup so definitely bookmarking this one.

  4. I love Lemon Coriander Soup, it is so therapeutic when one is sick with cold cough and fever.Flavourful and so comforting!! Lovely share.

  5. Soups are my weakness and I can have them as mid day snack and even as replacement to dinner. Your lemon corriander soup looks very comforting and flavorful with an easy to follow recipe .

  6. ooooo I love this. I smell the aroma of the coriander and the beautiful lemon as I read your blog. Also love it when I feel a bit sick, it kind of clearrs my senses

  7. Lemon coriander soup looks so comforting, healthy and delicious. I can imagine the aroma. Enjoyed it at restaurant but never tried at home. Thanks for the recipe. Perfect share for the theme.

  8. This Lemon and coriander soup looks so droolworthy.I have never tried this soup. Looks so tempting and perfect for the cold weather.

  9. This is one. method that I haven't tried, and it makes so much sense. Instead of slow cooking the veggies as I usually do, just pressure cook them! Im going to try out this quick and flavourful soup at the earliest. Thanks for the idea Kalyani! Sujata Shukla from PepperOnPizza

  10. I love the homemade lemon coriander soup because the one we eat at hotels seem to be devoid of veges. Looks very inviting.

  11. I often make coriander soup during this winter season with the fresh coriander leaves which are plentifully available   The vegan version is a lovely addition as well !


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