February 17, 2018

Batatyachi Poha | Vegan and GF Quick breakfast recipes | Maharashtrian Recipes

Poha and its variants are welcome anytime at home. For the elder one, she prefers Poha over Idli / Dosa for breakfast. Try as much as we did, somehow we prefer hot breakfasts over cold cereal + milk at home.I guess its a personal preference, but we have been accustomed to warm / hot / cooked breakfast over the years. Once a week, there is poha in some form at the breakfast table, accompanied with cut fruits or a vegan smoothie for a complete meal.

Today, lets look at Batatyachi Poha or Potato based Poha for a quick filling Vegan and GF breakfast (it tastes great even for lunch so its an option for kids' lunchbox too!). We are doing breakfast ideas this week and this is the first one from Aamchi Mumbai :-)

 If you are a poha lover like us, do check out the following varieties on the blog !

Prep time: 15 mins, Cook time : 10 mins, Serves : 4

Thick Poha - 1.25 cups (1 cup = 200 ml)
Oil - 2 TBSP
Potato - 1 very large or 2 medium
Onion - 1 large - minced fine - Optional
Turmeric - 1/2 tsp
Tempering : Jeera (Cumin seeds), mustard seeds (opt.), Hing (skip for GF version), curry leaves, peanuts (skip for nut allergy), Curry leaves
Chopped green chillies (4 nos) - or to taste
Chopped coriander leaves - 1 TBSP
chopped onions + Lemon juice + grated coconut - for garnish (recommended)

Wash the poha of all dirt and drain. Sprinkle little water and cover and keep. 
While the poha is soaking, roast the peanuts (dry or with 1/2 tsp of oil till crispy and golden brown and keep aside). Also, cube the potato (with or without skin), boil it in salted water till al dente. Drain.
In a non stick pan or thick iron pan, heat the oil. Splutter the cumin seeds, mustard seeds, hing, curry leaves and chopped green chillies. Add the turmeric, onions and saute till onions turn translucent. 
Now add the boiled potato cubes and saute for further 2-3 mins. Now add the soaked poha and gently toss till the poha is coated well. Cover and cook for 1 min.
Finish with coriander leaves, lemon juice and roasted peanuts + fresh coriander. 
Serve hot.
If packing for lunch box, you may keep the roasted peanuts and lemon wedge separately so they can be added before eating. 

This goes to BM # 85 under "Breakfast series"


  1. I can have a plate of this poha without any fuss, my kind of breakfast/dinner. Its been a while i prepared this batatyachi poha.

  2. Poha is something I don't cook that ofter, though it is very common at both my parents and in-laws place. Addition of potato makes poha even more filling.

  3. Wish my kids were the same...while I love this, so I can make it just for myself anytime..:)..

  4. Super! I can have poha in any form at any time. My all time fav. I am enjoying the variations of poha this week!

  5. Poha is always welcome at our home... I love adding other veggies too. Your preparation looks really delicious with addition of chopped onions on top.

  6. I have such fond memories of Pradnya making this for breakfast when I was there - awww you brought me back to the great time I had there in Mumbai with you girls!

  7. I love poha and this is so perfect for breakfast. Most of the times, I make this for dinner as well. looks so tempting!

  8. Batata poha is our favorite breakfast dish on some days. Love it with a cup of tea.

  9. poha is our one of the breakfasts items at home. A complete and perfect meal in itself. clicks are beautiful.

  10. Wow, kalyani, that is so colorful! we love poha, it is mostly our weekend breakfast! i love this potato poha, with loads of roasted peanuts and coriander!!! Your last pic is so tempting and making me hungrrry!!

  11. I like this light breakfast. Chopped onion and peanuts on the top have made it all the more attractive

  12. Perfect comfort food for any day, lovely pics and presentation Kal..


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