October 12, 2017

Lemon Fresca | Easy Mocktail | Party Ideas

What's a party without a few coolers ? Check out a few kid-approved Party ideas this week. Today's Mocktail can be made sugar free too. This was made by my elder one herself, and is a quick one to make for unexpected guests or for parties too. 

If you are still planning your Diwali / Xmas party menu, here's a list of mocktails / coolers you can make for your guests.:

So, lets get to today's drink - Lemon Fresca. In Spanish, agua fresca (plural aguas frescas) means a beverage consisting of water and sugar with fruits, grains, or seeds added for flavouring.

Prep time : 5 min, Chill time : 30 min+, serves : 2

Lightly sugary Lemon syrup - 2 TBSP
Sprite / sparkling water - 200 ml
Chilled water (plain) - 50 ml
Lemon rind + peel - frozen for 10 mins
Torn mint leaves + crushed ice = for garnish

In a cocktail shaker or a steel flask, shake the ice, mint, lemon syrup and chilled plain water vigourously.Split into the two glasses, top with sprite and crushed ice, lemon rind + peel 
Serve immediately.

Sending to BM # 81 under "Kid’s Delight – Anniversary Party potluck"


  1. Wow I am sure kids will love this drink kalyani..thank you for sending this across!

  2. Kids and even adults would love this.

  3. Refreshing and nourishing ! I love these drinks as they give instant energy and make perfect party or anytime drink .

  4. That is such a refreshing drink Kalyani. Looks great.

  5. NIce and refreshing drink

  6. Refreshing and thirst quenching drink!!!

  7. That is so refreshing! My boys would love this as they are a big lemon fan. I love the flavor of the mint with lemon.

  8. That looks so refreshing Kal!!


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