September 16, 2016

Chilly Cheese Sandwiches | Street Food recipes

As part of the ongoing Street food series at Cooking Carnival, It would be amiss on my part if I didn't post the famous street food - sandwich. I had been resisting to post this, although my draft was ready, but the pics weren't available (I lost the earlier batch of pictures for this post).

However, as the penultimate post for this week's series, I couldn't miss posting this.

On my last trip to Bangalore, I chanced to have a bite at Hari Super Sandwich Centre, which is almost a landmark in Jayanagar now. Although I have tasted and posted the Butter Gulkand Chilly sandwich with a twist from there, the options of this hole-in-the-wall eatery is mind blowing.

The other options at Hari's Sandwich centre include today's post (the super fiery Chilly cheese Sandwiches), Dahi Masala Toast, Bread Masala (Bread bhurji in a chaat avatar) and ooh, the oozy n tempting Chocolate Sandwich which I think took the cake (oops, the bread ! :D)

I dont like the Bombay potato sandwiches which has a filling using the Poori bhaji tempered potato and rather prefer the Grilled Sandwich with Oven Roasted Bell peppers anyday, but this reminded me that I need to make today's recipe and post.

So here is the super spicy yet smashingly delicious Chilly - Cheese sandwiches from Bangalore, served Mumbai ishtyle with a cup of cutting chai... This makes for a sumptuous snack / Lunch  / early supper for one person with the following quantities.


I made another batch of this for my elder one for her snack break with the Sowcarpet Green chutney and she's addicted now :-))

{{ PS: if packing this, wrap in a foil to preserve the texture of crispy sandwich for upto 2 hours!)

So, go on make this and indulge and come back for the last in the Street Food series tomorrow.

Prep time : 10 mins ; Making time : 10 mins ; serves : 1


  • Whole wheat bread - 3 slices (apparently fresh and soft Milk Bread works best, but I prefer this)
  • Green Chutney - 2 TBSP
  • Cheese slices - 2 nos (I used plain Cheese slices)
  • Green chillies - finely chopped - I used the really spicy variety here (2 nos.)
  • Chaat Masala - to taste
  • Butter - 1 TBSP (divided use)


  1. Melt half the butter and apply evenly on all 3 bread slices. apply green chutney generously on two of the buttered slices. 
  2. Take a slice of the bread with chutney side up, Place one cheese slice, top with green chillies and chaat masala, top with another bread with chutney side on top, add another cheese slice and top again with green chillies and chaat masala. Close this set with the topmost slice, chutney side facing in.
  3. Heat a tava / panini maker / Sandwich maker. Grill on very low heat for 8-9 mins adding the remaining butter till the cheese starts oozing a bit and both the sides get crispy and nice.
  4. Rest for 1 min and slice diagonally into two. 
  5. Serve immediately with tomato ketchup and hot masala Cutting Chai ! 

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  1. I guess this one is the most popular sandwich all ober Indis . Even here in Gujrat this is sold on the streets but here it is loads of grated cheese . Minor differences can make big changes in taste and I am loving this whole set up and of course the sandwich is a perfectly made one .

  2. This is a lip smacking chutney!! Nice setup. Reading your first few paragraphs and looking at the pictures, I was trying to figure out if these were taken at the sandwich place in Bangalore or at home! :p Beautiful composition.

  3. This cheese sandwich looks gorgeous Kalyani. Nice presentation..

  4. They look very tempting, Kalyani.

  5. Such a tempting sandwich,looks gorgeous.

  6. Such a tempting sandwich,looks gorgeous.

  7. Such an alluring sandwich, just love it and its been a while i had them. Tempting to the core.

  8. That sounds like one yummy sandwich. And what variety cheese did you use here? (I saw you mentioning plain.)

    1. Sums - I used Plain Brittania brand cheese slices (the ones you get in a pack here in India)

  9. a great after school snack. yummy one

  10. Looks amazing! I am in love with these street food style sandwiches.

  11. Love it Kalyani. now that you have mentioned an amazingly delicious list of sandwiches I wish I can just go to Jainagar.

  12. OMG my mouth's water just thinking of how yummy this sandwich would have tasted. Bookmarked to try!!

  13. From your list of sandwiches at Hari Super Sandwiches, I was wondering how many sandwiches you ate..Lol...Chilli cheese sandwich looks so yum..Guess what?? after looking at your sandwich I'm asking my friends that I need something 'chatpata' to eat :)

  14. Such pretty sandwiches you got there!!! Lovely set up.

  15. Chilly cheese sandwiches are in the list of favorite sandwiches.Looks yummy.

  16. not bad picures at all....and love the varieties u mentioned , need to check out next time i visit the place - provided the traffic permits

  17. Gosh this one tops my list right now..everything that's gone in makes me want to make them right away..too good Kalyani..Sandwiches for anytime..

  18. Wow! These sandwiches are droolworthy! Am off to Jayanagar this weekend even thought it is a million miles from where I live.

  19. That is awwwwsome kalyani!! Love it totally, i feel like gobbling it straight from the pictures!!


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