October 4, 2012

Quick Amla Pickle | Gooseberry pickle

Pickles and Indian food are an ubiquitous combo. Eaten with Rotis or Parathas or steamed rice, this particular condiment - Pickle - is an accompaniment in every Indian Thali. My idea of pickle is instant, quick and spicy. Although S does swear by Maavadu (baby mango pickle in brine) or even Narthangai (unripe citron) varieties, my personal favourites are QuickMango pickle, Cucumber Pickle and today's post - Quick Amla Pickle. 

Needless to say, mom makes these, and I get to post them. Although it tastes equally good in tamarind brine, soaking these beauties in lemon juice and tempering them with freshly ground spices is a heaven by itself. So, without much ado, lets get to the recipe. Thanks to mom for the recipe. 

This pickle keeps for around 3 - 6 months under refrigeration. The quantities indicated below are for 150 gms of ready pickle (~ 125 gms of Indian gooseberry / Amla is used). Spice can vary according to the palate.

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