September 20, 2011

How to make Green Chutney for Chaats and sandwiches ~ Jain style - no onion no garlic version

Green Chutney is one of the most used chutneys (preserves) for chaats and sandwiches alike, and I always found myself wanting that perfect chutney while making these at home. I don't quite prefer the Onion-Garlic version that is usually made, and my search for something saatvic landed me on this recipe that I had bookmarked some time ago. This chutney is made more interesting because it uses dalia (Pottu kadalai / Hurigadale / Fried gram) and we all liked the nutty taste a lot and keeps for 2 weeks under refreigeration. You may also make this in bulk for work ahead on instant chaats and sandwiches when hunger strikes.

Its also an instant perk-up side dish for bhajias / pakoras / fritters or even to pep up day-old chapatis, which can be turned into delectable veg frankies with one smear of this delicious chutney. I have kept the spice factor a little low in the following recipe, but do adjust according to preferences. I have used raisins in place of sugar from the original recipe, and that imparted a wonderful texture to the chutney , especially when you encounter mini bites while the chutney hits your tongue :-) See tips at the end of this post for ways to increase its shelf life too !

This goes to following events - Shilpa's Life is green, Priya's Tuesday Bookmarked recipes & Siri's Back to Basics - Chutneys, event by Jaya, Valli's Condiment Mela

Prep time : 10 - 15 minutes.Cooking + grinding time : 10 mins. Makes : approx 100- 150 gm of chutney that keeps for 2 weeks under refrigeration.


  • Green coriander - 1 1/2 cup (packed)
  • Fresh Mint - 1/2 cup (packed)
  • Fried gram / pottu kadalai - 1/4 cup
  • Green chillies - 2
  • Raisins - 1 large handful
  • Salt - to taste
  • lemon juice - 1 TBSP
  • Chaat Masala - 1 tsp
  • Amchur - 1 tsp
  • Oil - 1 tsp


1) Wash and roughly chop coriander and mint leaves. Dry on several changes of tissue paper / kitchen towels till dry.
2) Dry roast fried gram for max 1 min till they are slightly brown. Cool and powder.
3) Fry the coriander leaves, mint leaves & green chillies in a tsp of oil till they wilt slightly and acquire a gloss
4) Grind coriander, mint, green chillies without water first. Then add powdered gram flour and run the mixer again till they incorporate well. Now add raisins, salt, amchur powder and very little water to get a thickish chutney consistency.
5) Remove to a glass bowl. Add lemon juice, chaat masala and mix well.
6) Store in a sterlised air tight glass jar and use when you make chaats, sandwiches.

1) use very very little water for grinding
2) Its very necessary for the coriander and mint leaves to be pat dried before frying to prevent the chutney from going bad soon
3) use dry spoon to take out only required quantity and stir well before and after every use.


  1. Very nice creamy green chutney.
    Plz stop over to collect your awards dear..:)

  2. Yum, will go nicely with the crispy medu vada post I was just commenting on - YUM!

  3. Very nice........can go very well with any snack.

  4. Nice color the chutney has got.

  5. Nice addition of raisins..

  6. Lovely chutney, but never tried adding raisins. Very interesting.

  7. Wow...very different chutney recipe...Love it...

  8. beautiful green chutney looks wonderful

  9. Very tempting chutney...

  10. nice post..its a must in my kitchen

  11. Lovely green chutney,looks yumm..

  12. nice chutney, healthy too.would try it out. Have a look at some interesting recipes at

  13. Yummy chutney....First time here...lovely space...

  14. A green chutney with dalia and fried mint and coriander!That is unique,I want to try it!

  15. Looks so inviting Kalyani..thanks for sending this..

  16. I definetly am going to try this. I love green chutneys.

    Like your space here, I see a lot of saattvic stuff around. I'll be hanging around here more often.

  17. @ Anisha - Thanks for dropping by ! Yes, I try to keep most of my dishes (atleast 50 - 60%) satvic ! Glad you liked it.. do drop in often !


  18. Looks very fresh and yummy.
    Thanks for tip on frying the greens. That is how they maintain the color, I suppose.
    Good blog, enjoy looking at the recipes for inspiration.



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