August 5, 2011

Round up of Dish it out with Mushrooms and Onions

One of the best things of hosting an online food blog event is that one gets to visually savour scrumptious delights from across the world. This time too, it wasnt different : I was hosting Vardhini's Dish it Out Series with Mushrooms and Onions. I am picky when it comes to Mushroom, and its not my personal choice of veggie, but lots of people around the world, including S and kiddo simply adore it - from pizzas to soups to stir fry to appetisers, its quite a versatile veggie, and I have started including it more often to appease the people I cook for :-)

Now, this round up with an amazing spread of 30 mushroom dishes is sure to please mushroom eaters and also pose an interesting array to those who have started cooking with this veggie ..  Thanks to all my foodie friends who sent in their delicious dishes over- it is (virtually) raining mushrooms here :D. Hope you enjoy this round up as much as I did hosting this event !

If someone's entry has been inadvertently missed out or linked in erroneously, please do write in and I shall update ASAP !

Looking forward to more such dishes to my ongoing event - Healthy Lunchbox Ideas(Carrot themed dishes) - all this August @ my blog.  Watch this space for more exciting events and roundup of the to-be concluded Indian Mithai Mela that ends 8th August - do pass me your Indian Sweets to this sinfully sweet event.


Arranged In order of receipt, we have this round up here:

Aarthi of yummy Tummy sends in Indian style Stir Fry

Akheela's Mushroom and Red pepper Curry is indeed mouth watering

Vinda Dravid's Savoury Mushroom Pie makes me very very hungry !

Priya's Mushroom and Onion Focaccia is a perfect meal time treat and focaccia is my personal favourite too :-)

Baked Mushroom Samosa from Sangee Vijay was very innovative and new too ,as were her other dish - Mushroom Kofta in Spinach Gravy :-)

It was fusion coming of age in Priya Sreeram's dish of Fussili marrying Sambhar and her Mushroom Pepper Fry is a yummy treat

I tried out Satya's Mushroom Curry and it came out very well, considering I 'cooked' mushrooms for the first time, rather than tossing them in soups / pizzas :D

Raksha's Mushroom Curry was different and tasty too

Sobha's mushroom - capsicum-baby corn medley was simply amazing

Drooled over Ramya's entry -  healthy Mushroom wrap !! A perfect lunchbox treat too :-)

Mugdha's Mushroom Matar Masala goes very well with hot naans and Khulchas - perfect for monsoon dinners!

Kalva's snack - Mushroom Tikki will make anyone go "tra-la-la-la"  - simply delicious !

Pradnya's Mushroom Pinwheel is a perfect finger food

Anu has sent us this innovative Mushroom stuffed in onion boats - now who can resist that !

Sabina's Mushroom Pepper fry surely is a spicy and yummy dish

Krithi's Kadai Mushroom is a must try for Mushroom afficionados

Nupur's Veg Au Gratin is truly droolworthy, what with cheese topping, loaded with sour cream and all good things served up in one French Casserole... drooooling :D

Healthy Fajitas with grilled veggies and Mushroom Pulav dished out by Vardhini would make my meal, anyday :)

Satyashree's appetiser - Mushroom Tikka is a must have at all your parties:-)  

Aparna's Paneer Mushroom Masala is one of my favourites and a must try

Eats meets west in another of Sangee's creations - Spicy Mushroom Pasta

Indrani's Mushroom Capsicum Masala is just too good to resist

Tadka Pasta's Mushroom Medley is an ode to the dish from the heart:-)

Potato slices with sauteed mushrooms is Jayashri's entry to this dish - an unusual and delightful combo

Caramelised Onions and Mushrooms come together in Denise's Calzone treat - a wonderful way to have health on the go :)

Sukanya from Saffronstreaks sends us these two amazing dishes - Tofu and Mushroom Burger and Rotini with Mushroom and Broccoli

13 Foodie Comments:

Priya Sreeram on August 05, 2011 said...

nice round-up kalyani; few dishes really caught my eyes !

tadkapasta on August 05, 2011 said...

The roundup really mushroomed into something great :) Thanks so much for hosting!

Vardhini on August 05, 2011 said...

Lovely roundup Kalyani.


Ramya on August 05, 2011 said...

Yummy roundup...I love mushrooms and this gives me lots of choice to make the next dish

Nupur Mehra on August 05, 2011 said...

Lovely round up and amazing recipes... I love Mushrooms and now I have got many more choices :D

Raksha on August 05, 2011 said...

nice round up

ANU on August 05, 2011 said...

awesome recipes in your round up dear....i love mushrooms happy to see so many recipes at one stop....

Hope to see some interesting recipes from you too my August Event on Berries - and a chance to guest host too!

saffronstreaks on August 05, 2011 said...

Hi Kalyani,
this is really an amazing roundup with mushroom, some dishes are really innovative, however I couldnot see my two entries here which I sent u on 19th july

links are : mushroom tofu burger

rotini with mushroom

thanx for hosting

saffronstreaks on August 05, 2011 said...

Hi Kalyani,
this is really an amazing roundup with mushroom, some dishes are really innovative, however I couldnot see my two entries here which I sent u on 19th july

links are : mushroom tofu burger

rotini with mushroom

thanx for hosting

Gita Jaishankar on August 06, 2011 said...

Hi Kalyani...thanks for the sweet comment in my have a lovely blog...loved reading all your posts....this is a great roundup.....2 of my favorite ingredients....bookmarked a few recipes :)

Mom Chef on August 06, 2011 said...

@ Sukanya - have mailed you a response - pl check


ANU on August 08, 2011 said...

wow awesome recipe dear...looks very nice...

hey you did ask me about creating an online form right? go to the website - same as I have created the form....register first then create your own form available from the free's easy...once you are in you will get better idea!
Hope this is helpful ....

Krithi's Kitchen on August 11, 2011 said...

Definitely a great treat (to the eyes) for the mushroom lovers like me... now gonna check out every recipe...

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